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Waggish Writer Week 26 Updates

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit Waggish Writer.

The following below are my updates for Waggish Writer.


  • I revisited the website's main landing pages, doing a major over-haul of my Waggish Writer Welcome page (basically the blog's home page). I am thinking I will declutter my other landing pages. My origin stories of my personas will endure either as blog posts or a separate page. I'll see what works the best for me.

  • I've picked away at my Story Scribbles, expanding on scenes for Misventures because I'm fascinated by Caleb Widogast (a character from the Might Nein campaign in Critical Roll) who inspired my half-elf wizard (drawing on Liam O'Brien's past character of Vax from the first campaign and his current character in the second campaign).

  • My journalist persona has seen the second to final post for "The Bookshelf" series with its ninth blog post. "A Matter of Mantra" series has its third blog post up as well.


Feel free to check out my past mischief at Waggish Writer Welcome or learn more About Me! Below are links to my different personas and projects I have in the works.


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more updates next week!

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