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Waggish Writer


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Enlighten.  Entertain.  Enchant.

I help creative businesses, nonprofits, & professionals succeed by writing their stories to enlighten, entertain, and enchant the universe and its vast clientele through content writing and copywriting services.

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Hello!  Erin Fedeson, at your service with content writing, copywriting, or both writing services!  

Waggish Writer is both my professional business platform and creative outlet. 


Visit Services to discover how I can help you.


While there, you'll learn how to cash in on a "Friendly Freebie" to test drive a collaboration of your vision with my services.

I look forward to your story and to serve you.

What do I do in my free time?

When I'm not assisting clients in their content writing or copywriting needs, I craft content to enlighten, entertain, and enchant the universe and its vast clientele. 


You can evaluate my ability to weave stories with truths at my Blog


Beyond writing and outside of my work hours, I like to...

  • Walk outside to enjoy nature

  • Try new cooking experiments

  • Listen to music, podcasts (ex. Dragon Talk), & YouTube (ex. Critical Role's Narrative Telephone)

  • Build Waggish Writer's more creative business branch, Daring Dice Dames

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