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Waggish Writer Geeks Out: The Bookshelf: Part 9

Hello and welcome to Waggish Writer. This is Part 9 of "Waggish Writer Geeks Out: The Bookshelf."

Below is the background of my website that is a sample of my library.

Last time I embraced my geek-ness, I went over DeMenle's "Japanese in Plain English," Kaye's "Adventures in Japan," and my cookbooks: "Yum-Yum Bento Box" and "The Manga Cookbook" series.

Onward to the final stretch in the Waggish Writer's library!

Just a quick reminder, these books have meaning to me as a person, as a writer, and as both. I will list the book from left to right with APA citation and a short description of what is the book and why is it in my library.

At the end of "The Bookshelf" series, I'll create a list in case any of these books strike your fancy for practical writing tools or pure entertainment value.

What you will notice is between "The Manga Cookbook" series and Salvatore's "The Dark Elf Trilogy" are two small booklets. These two booklets are actually small photo albums that I have put in my library. They hold nick-knacks, one of them happens to be of my parents when they are much younger. The reason they are part of my bookshelf is the bookshelf is not only for reading material. Each book has memories, of feelings when I read the book, how the author draws me in, and what surrounds the book's arrival and the people it involves. The photo albums are memories captured in the pictures. As a writer, my goal is to create words that evoke images. Creating powerful images is my goal with my images.

This post will now focus on the last book, capping off "The Bookshelf" series before I create a citation page of my bookshelf.

Salvatore, R.A. (2000). The dark elf trilogy: Collector's edition. Renton, Pennsylvania: Wizard of the Coast, Inc.

This book is actually a book that my brother lent me. My brother is the second runner of the love of DND and role-playing my dad ignited for me as a kid. He graciously let me into his DND circle of friends when I was in high school, me being the only girl in the group. The book is a collection of three novels based on the dark elf, Drizzt Do'Urden. Considered a dark, evil-aligned race in the game world of DND, the story follows the drow breaking from the mold and finding his own path. Breaking the mold is what I seek in my creative work.

This is a wrap for "The Bookshelf" series. As it is a small sample of my library, I may plan to expand on the bookshelf. I will plan to set "The Bookshelf" series to the side to work on the many other projects on the side.

Well, if you like what you've read, comment with what are three books from your library.

They can be books you consider your writer's bible(s), authors you look up to, or books you read for the full joy of reading.

If you do, tell me why. Let's geek out together.


Thank you for taking the time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post for the day. Have a wonderful day!

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