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Hello and welcome to my About page!


Here, I offer you a glimpse of who I am as an individual and as a business in a Q&A with the Universe.


Universe's Question: Why are you blogging?

My Answer: Everyone is more connected than ever due to the Internet.  Website of writers range from exceptional to so-so.  

Waggish Writer stands out from others because:

  • It is my workroom to experiment with topics and different styles of voice.

  • It is my professional platform for clients to view my skills in a low-risk setting.

  • It is my accountability to the writing craft to:

    • Create an idea;​

    • Draft it,

    • Edit it,

    • Revise it,

    • Publish it,

    • Distribute it,

    • And repeat the process with a new idea.

I am a life-long learner, a story-seeker, and a teacher.  Waggish Writer helps me learn and re-enforces my learning by teaching through the medium I love: words.

My goal in my Blog is to:

  • Enlighten - Teach visitors something new

  • Entertain - Brighten visitors' day with dry humor

  • Enchant - Dazzle visitors to visit Waggish Writer again & again

Universe's Question: What are you doing right now?

My Answer: I'm living with a wonderful boyfriend who supports and grounds me.

I'm transitioning from semi-calm waters to uncharted ones.  But I am not without guidance.

Textbroker offers assignments every day where I can experiment in new fields, hone my writing skills, and increase my clientele.

I'm enhancing my skillset and adding to my toolbox.  I'm taking classes through AWAI, a copywriting organization with top-notch classes, community, and service desk team.

Completed classes include:

  • Blogging for Yourself and for Clients

  • 21 Day Challenge with Ilise Benun


Curious?  Testimonials of these classes are in the works!

Ongoing classes:

  • Accelerated Copywriting

I am relaunching Waggish Writer as my professional website with Easter Eggs of my creative nature.

I'm scheming and plotting a new adventure where I unleash not only my creativity but a universe for new and veteran fans of tabletop, role-playing games!


Universe's Question: Why are you off society's beaten path?

My Answer: The cliff notes version of my story is:​

  • The song of the writer has always been calling me.

  • I tried to follow the respectable paths of society twice.

  • I can't get the song of the writer out of my heart and head.

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