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Waggish Writer Week 3 Updates, Bloopers, and Schemes

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit Waggish Writer.

I am planning to make regular posts about how the website is doing with updates, bloopers, and schemes for the website's future.


  • My amazing boyfriend created for me an image with the intention of it being a new logo, but it does not fit the size for a logo when I attempted to fit it. I have included it on the website, especially how I felt it fit my description of my writing persona. My logo will most likely remain a work-in-progress as I am focusing on releasing creativity to the universe.

  • I included buttons on the Writing Personas page to guide visitors to Waggish Writer to the different personas I assume in my writing.

  • Some of my images have been changed around, but I will maintain them most likely in a gallery where I can enjoy the view of my creativity taken on a visual manifestation.

  • I have uploaded my first video that my partner secretly video taped me when we watched "One Zoom to Rule Them All." I have written about my geek excitement in two blog post, one that is pure geek and the other is more an analytical geek.

  • On the homepage, I have included a subscribe box since the homepage is basically a blog, I fear that I miss an opportunity to connect to readers and visitors to Waggish Writer. That is why there are two subscriptions forms in case visitors do not have the time to browse my previously published blog posts.

  • I have released the first blog post of my Journalist persona of "A Matter of Mantra" series. This series of blog posts is basically me being vulnerable in hopes of sharing my mantras and stories associated with them that they can help those who read them as the mantras helped me through some of my issues.


  • One of the things that I have discovered in my play test of the website is that the content I create specifically for the computer screen does not always transfer over to the mobile device. I will plan to make it a future goal of mine to make the website more mobile friendly. Mobile devices are basically mini-computers that fit into one's pocket, so I will eventually roll out changes to make those accommodations.

  • I have really not been good about checking my Resources page to ensure that the links work or updating links. I will do my best to at least double check to make sure that the resources are still viable.


Writers are the greatest schemers, plotting the course of their adventures to guide their characters and readers, whether they realize the writer's guiding hand or not. I am sharing some of my schemes to give you content to look forward to in the upcoming days/weeks/months/years.

  • Schemes for Author:

    • I have been inspired to update Divine Devices with Chapter 2 to the story.

    • At the 6 month point, I will be releasing Part 2 of "A Story Years in the Making," where I introduce the second story I had to branch out the idea due to too many good ideas in the same story. The temporary name for the Part 2 series is "Elemental Equinox."

  • Schemes for Poet:

    • I will post when the mood strikes me with poetry being more spontaneous than my other types of writing and the quickest to share. I may tidy them up a little because I am a bit of a perfectionist, which is why I am slow in sharing my writing.

  • Schemes for Screenwriter:

    • I await your comments to let me know if you want more of either a completed Fire Soul draft or Episode 2 for Hellnest Manor. If there is enough interest, I will either work on getting Season 2 for Hellnest Manor ready to show or present Episode 1 of other anime season scripts I have on the back burner.

  • Schemes for Journalist:

    • As I shared that I will update chapters for my author persona at least once a week, I will trade on and off with "Waggish Writer Geeks Out" and "A Matter of Mantra." I am happy to say that I have an idea for a topic for "Waggish Writer Writes." I simply have to build my momentum to launch the project.

  • FanFiction Writer

    • For this week, inspiration moved me to update X-Wielder: Nobody Chasing with releasing Chapter 3.

    • With the release of three FanFiction series at different stages, I will be trading on and off of which chapters to publish. At least once a week, I will update one story with one chapter.

    • You can affect the stories' progress by commenting in the comments which one you would like to see next. Otherwise, the stories will flow naturally.


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

That's all I have currently for updates, bloopers, and schemes. See you next week for more updates, bloopers, and schemes for Waggish Writer!

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