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Not All Gold Glitters Unless a Goblin Passes You the Shinies: Goblin Supplements' Testimonials

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

What is more powerful?

Pen or sword?


A red pen sits on a table where it sits awaiting its next assignment.
The writer's pen has one mightier foe: the client's testimonial gives weight to a writer's worth. Image Credit: Wix

What is more powerful?

Testimonial or pen?

Testimonial. A client's testimonial trumps anything a writer can pen. They are the witness to your work, and they are the living proof you are the crafter you claim to be.

I had a wonderful opportunity to connect to a fellow creator who graced me not just one but two testimonials from our 5 day magical encounter where I had the honor and delight to review Goblin Supplements' Smith's tools compendium and its Patreon page.

Don't believe me? What follows are the creator's words.

Testimonial for Erin Fedeson, aka Waggish Writer, in response to a review of the Smith’s tools compendium.

"June 13, 2021.

Erin Fedeson, aka Waggish Writer, helped me a lot by reviewing a compendium on my website. She delivered almost immediately with a detailed and gracious review full of both constructive criticism and great suggestions for improvement. The review was easy to read, full of attention to detail and easily applicable to my creation.

Erin is fast to reply, great at answering questions and further explaining her work process and any questions one might have. She’s good and easy to work with and have overall been a delight to be around.

Erin’s writing is intelligent, warm and personal. Her reviews go in-depth with every little detail and has a layout with a great readability. Additionally, she has a great understanding of how you can create a better layout, utilize all the tools at your disposal, as well as creating content full of possibilities.

I can only recommend Erin, as she has been a delight in all of the process. If you ever get a review from Erin, you better hold on tight to it and feel lucky – because you just got handed pure gold!

- Guildmaster Snork of Goblin Supplements"

I teared up when I read the testimonial. Since the creator was going to bless me with a second testimonial, I offered the option to include feedback on how I could improve my services.

Here is what Goblin Supplements' creator had to say in the second testimonial.

Testimonial for Erin Fedeson, aka Waggish Writer, in response to a review of the Goblin Supplement’s Patreon page.

"June 15, 2021.

Erin Fedeson, aka Waggish Writer, reviewed my Patreon page and it’s overall ability to create community, Goblin Supplements, and I was very impressed by the speed which she delivered the review. I feared that it wouldn’t be thorough, but Erin surprised me (again!) with a well-written 13-page review with incredible attention to every little detail of my site, as well as a wide understanding of my creation.

Erin delivers an incredible amount of work faster than most people I’ve ever worked with. She’s great at replying and updating one on her work process, which is very appreciated and makes the teamwork a lot easier. Additionally, she’s very helpful and understanding – making sure to ask and answer all kinds of questions to get the review and full feedback right.

Erin is extremely creative, and her suggestions to one’s creation really reflects this. It shows that she has a great understanding of the product she’s working with and is able to encompass the whole creation when making suggestions for improvements.

Erin is especially talented when it comes to adding a ‘voice’ or personality to written text – be it a website or a compendium. She uses this to help one with how to create a fun and inviting community – breathing life to descriptions and text. This is very impressive, as she does not write it herself, but possesses the great talent of teaching others how to!

My overall experience with Erin, aka Waggish Writer, has been 10/10, and I would recommend her to anyone who would ever want a review of anything!

My only suggestion and feedback to Erin would be to take a little more time with her reviews. It’s okay to take a breather and take it slow! They (her reviews) are very detailed and helpful, and her speed is incredible, but sometimes it can read as a bit too hurried, as some of her questions has answers in either the text or page, which she has reviewed. This can lead to a bit of confusion on the receiver’s end.

Additionally, making a bit more space between different titles in her reviews would increase the readability – but otherwise, I have nothing to add. It’s just an overall great experience to work with her!

- Guildmaster Snork of Goblin Supplements"

Here, I will fully confess in my desire to deliver quickly, I sacrificed some quality in my content. I also know that when I am excited about the content I am looking at and writing, my attention-to-detail slips.

From these two testimonials, here is what I intend to improve my services:

  • Structure my reviews to increase readability and offer guidance of what part of the content I am looking at

  • Permit myself time to deliver high quality work rather than rushing the delivery

Curious about how this magical encounter occur? Check out my LinkedIn article of the experience: C2C Generosity: A Testimonial Tale for the 21 Day Challenge with Ilise Benun!

Want to know about Goblin Supplements? Check out its:

Or its:

  • Patreon page and consider supporting this creator's endeavors!

Creator credit for Goblin Supplements' incredible image goes to Rasmus ( who can be found on Instagram.

Thank you!

Warmest Regards

Erin Fedeson

Owner & Creator of Waggish Writer

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