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Reflections for Myself on “Cocktails and Content Creation”: 13 Quotes on Content Creation

There’s one of two ways you can write. Struggle to blend in your own words with their wisdom of the people you’re writing about. Or shine light on their words.

I found myself in a tug of war of how to talk about Cocktails and Content Creation’s episode 1. Not only did Kate Andrews and Jessie Wyman introduce their origin story, but they dived into a tricky question: what is content?

Kate Andrews and Jessie Wyman, a blogger and brand photographer, sip on their drink of choice while offering ways for "content creators to create with confidence."
Jessie Wyman and Kate Andrews share tips for content creation as well as their drink of the day on their podcast, "Cocktails and Content Creation." Image credit: Kate Andrews

For my sanity and to avoid the embarrassment of putting my foot in my mouth, here is what Kate and Jessie have to say about content creation.

Kate Andrews

“Content creation…has to deal with marketing yourself.”

“Content creation is a way to put information out there.”

“I feel that all of us, in this day and age, with social media, with the Internet, we all can be content creators because we all have something to say.”

Jessie Wynman

“…Content is really anything you create to help tell your message or story. It can be visual like photos or art or anything that you can physically see, but it can also be things like blog posts, Instagram post, newsletter, white papers, articles. Anything that tells a story, that sends a message, in my opinion, is content creation.”

“…Content is almost everything we put out there as a blogger, as a business owner, as a brand.”

“The word ‘content’ can get thrown around quite a bit. But it’s really sharing your message.”

“Consumable information that people are creating in various forms.”

“Creating content means…something different for what it is that you’re trying to achieve.”

“If you’re a lifestyle blogger, obviously you want to try monetize eventually or maybe you just love creating a community, that’s your goal. The content is how you’re gonna create that community.”

“If you’re a brand, the content you’re creating hopefully has an ROI or some sort of profit.”

“The value of the content is ultimately going to make or break your end goal or get to your end goal.”

“Content can be valuable to your business.”

Sparking Ideas

Mind you, these quotes are a simple pull from re-listening to the first episode that Kate and Jessie talked about content creation. I hope drawing them from the podcast helps you gain a better understanding about content creation.

Some deserve a deeper dive. But that shall be another reflection. I hope you enjoy these quotes to spark your own ideas on content creation.

Until my next reflection appears, have a wonderful life.

P.S. Here’s another one of my drinks I enjoy: Mondelo Negra. I find that while I am a sweet tooth, there’s something about the dark beers that I enjoy. There’s a depth to them that makes me take my time to savor. The tradeoff is that I do take a bit to go through my drinks.

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