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"Isn't She Lovely?" So...Why Haven't I Shared With the World?: Waggish Writer Glimpse, August 2021

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Social media, networking, and publicity is a writing business' life line.

How can you know what is out there if a writer doesn't say anything in the circles of Facebook or LinkedIn?

Am I, Erin Fedeson, the owner & creator of Waggish Writer whose business is to help creative businesses, nonprofits, and professionals succeed, trying to shoot herself in the foot by not advertising on social media?

Bear with me. There is a reason behind my madness of not shouting to the universe, "Come check me out! Hire me for your content writing and copywriting needs!"

Let me set the scene.

Scene: after a long time of planning, discussing with my graphic designer, and reviewing the whole process, Waggish Writer has finally received its new look after some mischief had been spotted and resolved.

A forest with a landscape of endless possibilities stretch out in hues of purple, white, and black with Waggish Writer's new logo fluttering above its name.
Waggish Writer embraces a new look, logo, and attitude! Image Credit: Erin Fedeson, O&C of Waggish Writer

So, the question is why haven't I been actively on social media to share the news and the pride I feel of "Isn't She Lovely?"

Answer: A lot of thought and time went into the process where I not only had to reinvent my look but shift my mindset.

This mindset shift also means taking the steps to level up Waggish Writer from a creative platform to a business platform.

Basically, I'm transmuting my creativity from an fantastical, escapist activity into a fulfilling, self-employed career to thrive financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically by my words.

Work is still going on behind the scenes. I know many of those close to me are anxious and desperately wish me to succeed.

I will succeed. As long as I am open, the universe is open to me.

Whether it is an opportunity for a stable income while I get my business off the ground or magic happens where my business sparks into a ragging fire of success, I am open.

What is important to me is the universe knows me. It is important for the universe to see evidence of my work.

One of the evidence I have is a client who shares my passion for tabletop gaming who generously gave two testimonials of my work on their homebrew content as well as their Patreon page.

Check out my client's testimonials I shared in my blog post!

Another evidence comes from my past experience as a contributor/staff writer at the Washtenaw Voice. I will slowly roll out my past work in scrapbook format with links to the official archive of the newspaper. Washtenaw Voice published it. I'm simply re-sharing my past glory as a writer.

My constantly, developing evidence of my work is the Blog itself, which traces my haphazard beginnings of writing my content to my more current, focused goals.

Until I feel I have enough evidence, "mum" is the word until I feel genuinely ready to share with the world of "Isn't She Lovely?"

Warmest Regards,

Erin Fedeson

Owner & Creator of Waggish Writer

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