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Creating Connections: 2 Female Life Coaches Who Seek to Change Your Life

Connections to other women are powerful in the circles of professional success and personal fulfillment.

Women clasping hands together in a circle.
The circle of connections can grow with each hand you reach out to connect. Photo credit: Wix

I believe connections shouldn't be like Tinder with the swipe left or right.

True connections should be based on taking a chance to reach out.

You take the time to talk.

You know the woman sitting across the table or looking through the Zoom camera. That woman knows you.

I was thinking about my connections.

They've helped me level up from a dreamer to a working writer.

To pass on the kindness my connections did for me, I want to highlight them based on their field of expertise.

Meet These 2 Life Coaches

Each of the following women are professionals in the wide field of life coaching. They have a unique brand and method to help their clients to live their best life.

I asked each of these ladies 3 questions about their coaching services to give a sneak peek into how they can help you change your life.

Charlotte Kaye, A Sassy Fairy

Life Coach, Decluttering Coach, & Podcaster of "Cozy & Connected with Charlotte Kaye"

On a personal level, I had an incredible experience with Charlotte Kaye. She helped me navigate my life when I was lost professionally and personally.

Charlotte Kaye gazes with her bewitching power that comes from embracing her true self with the mysterious wood behind her.
Charlotte Kaye embraces her true self and encourages her clients to do the same. Photo Credit: Charlotte Kaye

Q: How do you describe your life coach business fitting in the vast field?

A: Every life coach is different, and a lot of that is based on their personality and areas of expertise. For example, I am both woo and practical, kind and sarcastic and people will know the right coach for them by who they are drawn to.

Q: Who are the people you're serving?

A: I serve mostly women who are people pleasing, control freaks who want to be in charge of their life and release stress along the way.

Q: How are you currently serving?

A: I am currently serving through my courses and limited 1:1 coaching.

Bonus Content: Here's my testimonial from my time working with Kaye.

Karen Pambianchi, one Ambitious Advocate

A client I encountered through my connections to a copywriter, I wordsmithed Karen Pambianchi's webpages to better deliver her message.

Her mission focuses on helping cooperate women achieve success through her services, Swift Water Life Coach.

Karen Pambianchi's presence is of professional, calm, and happy with herself, her life, and her work, her goals for when she works with clients.
Karen Pambianchi's life coaching services focus on women who struggle to find their work-life balance. Photo Credit: Karen Pambianchi

Q: How do you describe your life coach business fitting in the vast field?

A: Life coaching is certainly a vast field. It's easy to feel like a needle in a haystack that will never be found. The most important thing is to always focus on coaching fundamentals. The term coach has come to mean many things, and anyone can hang up a sign and call themselves a coach. Most of them have something of value to share. As a trained, certified (and nearly credentialed) coach, I am client focused. It's never about my journey, accomplishments, or what I did; it's not about me. I must stay on my client's journey with them. Experience their story alongside them and help them see what they need, not what I need. Swift Water Life Coach fits into the life coaching industry by connecting with clients who want to be the focus of their coach, who want a guide, not a dictator, and who want a mirror, not a puppet master.

Q: Who are the people you're serving?

A: I am serving everyday people who want to feel better every day about their careers and life outside the office. My clients are some of the most successful people I have met with big goals for their careers. They are also parents, children, siblings, friends, and spouses who care deeply about the people in their lives and are tired of sacrificing time and connection with those loved ones to take their careers to the next level. Our work together focuses on understanding their values - what they are and also how they intersect, compete and support each other. My goal is to help my clients have habits and routines in place to make daily life more satisfying, and some deep personal awareness to more confidently make tough decisions that pull them in multiple and sometimes opposite directions.

Q: How are you currently serving?

A: Coming out of the pandemic, our societal shift toward mental health (even at this slow pace) and an economic climate that has employees unprecedently in the driver's seat means the need is great. I am grateful to have a few different ways to serve my clients right now: 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and interactive workshops.

  • Connecting with my clients in 1:1 coaching provides a safe space for honesty and productive solutions. There is nothing like 1:1 coaching.

  • Peer-to-peer connection is powerful; it reduces and sometimes removes the isolation about one's experiences, which is a tremendous start to making changes (big or small) in your life. I have learned so much from moderating group coaching programs about my clients, cultural trends, and myself.

  • Workshops have been a great way to introduce larger groups to what coaching offers. I typically address a common challenge and do my best to engage the room. I won't be offering any quick fixes. Instead, I get my audiences talking... to each other, to me, and to the group about their experiences and challenges and their personal solutions. They leave with homework that, once done, will give them an actionable thing to implement.

Heading for the Wrap Up

Reflecting on these connections, I realized these ladies play a huge part in my life, seeing me at both my worst and my best.

Kaye saw me at one of my lowest parts of life, gazing after an elusive dream instead of going after it.

Pambianchi encountered me as I was working my way through my business where we had a spark of a connection as we delved into her website and how she envisioned the words conveying her message.

These ladies are only two threads within the whole tapestry of my connections. I will plan to explore more of my threads of connections that have lead me on incredible adventures and intriguing experiences.

Drop a "Like" if you've had incredible connections that changed your life.

Thank you for dropping by, and have a wonderful life!

<3 Erin

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