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Waggish Writer Wishes You a Happy Halloween!

Simply dropping by on this fun holiday! My family, if you've read my 9 Fun Facts post, is fairly large. So, coordinating holidays are challenging.

However, we started a fall tradition a few years ago. The whole family would clear an October weekend to come together to pumpkin carve.

I'll be happy to share more about my family's pumpkin carving tradition in a later post. Curtsey picture of my pumpkin from this year's gathering down below!

A pumpkin with an off-center top with the Waggish Writer's logo, a butterfly made of two Ws, flutters above the business name.
At my family's annual pumpkin carving gathering, I scrapped out the Waggish Writer Logo and Name!

One of the things I enjoy about holidays is having the excuse to bake. Below in a slideshow are little chocolate cakes I baked last Halloween with and without frosting.

Yes, overall presentation could improve. However, I had fun baking! Adding that touch of frosting detail elevated my Halloween treats to a new fun level!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday, full of friendly spooks and fun chills when the sun sets on this Halloween Day.

Happy Halloween! <3

P.S. If you're curious, creating my pumpkin this year was quite a process!

Speaking of process, how I carved this pumpkin piece of pumpkin art shines a light on how I work as a content writer.

Keep an eye out for a post where I share the process from having no idea what to do with my pumpkin to grinning like I won a million bucks when I saw my pumpkin light up in the dark.

Until next time, have a wonderful life. <3

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