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9 Fun Facts About Waggish Writer's Wordsmith

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

It's rude to not introduce yourself. Especially when you want to meet your ideal audience and work with them with down the line.

A smiling, brunette woman with short, slightly bushy hair with thick eyebrows and a nose that's slightly crooked who is the mastermind behind Waggish Writer, a writing service business.
Hi! I'm Erin Fedeson, Owner & Creator of Waggish Writer.

Hi, I'm Erin! And I'm Waggish Writer's Wordsmith.

You might know me from my LinkedIn's "Musings for Myself" articles I post monthly.

Those musings introduce my voice to creative, service-focused professionals who are looking for help with their writing backlog.

But writing can be very personal for creative, service-focused professionals. You don't want to entrust your brand's voice to a stranger.

So let me open a dialogue where you get to know me. What better way to start then sharing 9 fun facts about me?

Fun Fact 1: I'm Rooted in a Big Family

My parents are Michigan natives. Dad still out in the workforce doing what he loves. Mom runs the household and always makes it a delight to be home.

I have an older brother. He's my Irish twin. We share the same age for a month between our birthdays.

I have 3 little sisters. Two are a set of twins who are different as night and day but are tight. Then there's the family's baby who I'm the closest to in my immediate family.

Oh and that family is growing.

Don't worry, you'll get to know me and learn how my family is growing.

Fun Fact 2: My Favorite Books Keep Me Young

I have several favorite books meant for children: J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit," J.K. Rowling's the Harry Potter series, and Brian Jacques' Redwall series.

Why are they my favorites? You'll learn as you get to know me.

Fun Fact 3: I Homeschooled for 2 Years

There's quite a story about this 2 year period in my life.

The cliff notes is my dad wanted to have a last hurrah of family trips before schooling kept us 5 kids busy. To cope with his crazy work schedule, all 5 of us were home schooled.

When Dad worked, we did school except for the weekends and holidays. When Dad was off, we were off for adventures!

What kind of adventures did we have? You'll hear about it as you get to know me.

Fun Fact 4: Dad was My First Dungeon Master (DM)

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a tabletop role playing game that has a long history. My dad played it with his brother when they were kids. He introduced the game to us and lead Mom, me, and my siblings on our first campaign.

How did that first campaign go? That tale of role playing will be told as you get to know me.

Fun Fact 5: Dad Inspired Me to Write

Some time ago, I told my writer's origin story in a past blog post.

For those who are just meeting me, my dad inspired me to be a writer. But the day I made that choice is still close to my heart.

Why is he my inspiration when he's not a writer by trade? I'll tell you about it as you get to know me.

Fun Fact 6: I'm Quiet Until You Say "Writing" or "D&D"

Anyone whose encountered me in real life, Zoom, or via virtual chats know I'm an introvert.

But if you ask me what I'm writing or are curious about D&D, you'll unleash a waterfall of words until I realize I should stop talking.

How bad can it get? You'll find out as you get to know me.

Fun Fact 7: I'm a Late Bloomer Otaku and Video Gamer

An otaku is a huge fan of a certain part of a popular culture. I consider myself an otaku about anime and manga.

In terms of video games, I like low-key, low-stake games with some exceptions. But its story is what makes a video game supreme in my eyes.

So how did I bloom into popular cultures? You'll discover the rabbit hole like I did as you get to know me.

Fun Fact 8: I'm a Morning Bird Fueled on Coffee

There are those who rise when the sky alights. And there are those who thrive on starlight.

I'm one of those who rise before the sun with coffee at my side.

How long have I been a morning bird? Grab your favorite morning drink and sip on it as you get to know me.

Fun Fact 9: I'm a Work-In-Progress (WIP) Just Like You

I'm entirely uncomfortable claiming mastery over my trade of words. I'm someone who suffers insecurities. I impulsively feel the need to perfect my words.

But the truth is that I don't need to be perfect. I need to be me, just me because I can be no one else.

It's one of those mental wars I fight in frequently. Win some right away. Others take longer to conquer.

Therefore, I consider myself a work-in-progress (WIP). I'm learning to be okay with it.

Why would I fess up to being a WIP? If you'll lend me your ear one more time, you'll get to know me a little better than before.

It's Your Turn; What's Your 9 Fun Facts?

If you can't tell, I'm someone who if you tell me to write, I'll write a waterfall of words.

I had to be critical of what I shared in these 9 fun facts about me.

Instead of deleting all the fluffy content details, these "brief" 9 fun facts are pebbles. They mark the trail of future content to let you get to know me.

If you had fun learning about me, I would love to learn what are your 9 fun facts. Be brief or detailed as you wish.

Comment on this post or use my Contact page to send me an email with the Subject: "My 9 Fun Facts."

Until next time, have a wonderful life. <3

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