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Waggish Writer Week 1: Updates, Bloopers, and Schemes

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit Waggish Writer.

I am planning to make regular posts about how the website is doing with updates, bloopers, and schemes for the website's future.


  • Pictures - I have included images of myself, a sample of my personal library, and my first attempt at a logo. These images are subject to change for higher quality images or ones that better capture me as a creator.

  • Buttons - I created buttons to help guide visitors to my writing pieces in:

    • Author: Samurai Sisters and Divine Devices

    • Screenwriter: Fire Soul and "Allow Me"

    • Poet

    • FanFiction Writer: Pride's Moon Bride and True Intention

  • Buy Me a French Vietnamese - I recently connected my Buy Me a Coffee page to my website and vice versa. Basically, it is my website's tip jar for visitors if they wish to show their appreciation for my writing.

  • Comment Section - I created a comment section to engage with visitors as I want to talk to my visitors, whether it is questions about my writing or to swap tales over the Internet.

  • Resources - It is my goal to add resources to the website. I currently added 3 resources for writer.

  • Form Testing - To make sure that I am able to connect with visitors, I did a quick test of the Contact Me form and the subscription form. They both work.

  • New Content:

    • Author: Samurai Sisters has 2 new chapters.

    • FanFiction Writer:

      • New Chapter added to Pride's Moon Bride

      • New Fandom Activated: Kingdom Hearts


  • When I reached out to a writing contact of mine, I learned that he did not find the first chapters that I have posted of Samurai Sisters. This blooper lead to the creation of the buttons I mentioned in the updates.

  • One of the misadventures I realized is that I would blog about a comments section when I had no comment section available. That should be resolved now.

  • Spelling and grammar are my Kryptonite for my writing. I caught myself spelling APA Citation as AP Citation. It shows how much I've been out of the newspaper writing game. Well, I have my resources to help me keep on the straight and narrow path, at least for the most part.

  • In my visiting of the website to test on my Iphone, the appearance of the website is very different from how it appears on the laptop. I'm sorry it looks a bit weird. When I am satisfied with the overall workings of the website, I will work on improving its quality for the phone.

  • Consistency, I find myself writing off of my posts in different ways which is slightly annoying to me as I want to have a uniformed presentation of my work. That is something that I will be working on improving as time rolls on.

  • As I prepared for my content, I realized there is no way at the moment to comment on my scripts to gauge interest in reading more of my scripts. Therefore, I created a blog post to chat a little bit about my scripts and to serve as a springboard to gauge interest in releasing more of my scripts to the universe.


Writers are the greatest schemers, plotting the course of their adventures to guide their characters and readers, whether they realize the writer's guiding hand or not. I am sharing some of my schemes to give you content to look forward to in the upcoming days/weeks/months/years.

  • Schemes for Author:

    • Each week, I will work on releasing one new chapter a week. Ideally, I would like to be able to update all the stories that I have shared on my website. My minimal for myself will be one chapter. The best will be one chapter for each of the stories I have shared. I did release two chapters for Samurai Sisters as one of the chapters was short.

    • At the 6 month point, I will be releasing Part 2 of "A Story Years in the Making," where I introduce the second story I had to branch out the idea due to too many good ideas in the same story. The temporary name for the Part 2 series is "Elemental Equinox."

  • Schemes for Poet:

    • I will post when the mood strikes me with poetry being more spontaneous than my other types of writing and the quickest to share. I may tidy them up a little because I am a bit of a perfectionist, which is why I am slow in sharing my writing.

  • Schemes for Screenwriter:

    • As previously mentioned, I have a completed draft of the Season 1 for Hellnest Manor. If you want more of Season One, drop me a line in the comments section of my blog post, "Visual Ventures: My Introduction to Screenwriting," and let me know that you want more. If Season 1 is a hit, I will either work on getting Season 2 of the anime ready for show or present Episode 1 of other anime season scripts I have on the back burner.

  • Schemes for Journalist:

    • I have started a series called "Waggish Writer Geeks Out" that I have started focusing on my library collection. I have a list of other things I wish to geek out on such as "Ready Player One," which I will no doubt devote one or more blog posts about the book and movie. Eventual branches in my Journalist persona will be "A Matter of Mantra" and "Waggish Writer Writes." I simply have to build my momentum to launch the projects.

  • FanFiction Writer

    • Waggish Writer has succeeded in one of my goals: spur my creativity forward. This week, I have uploaded a new chapter to "Pride's Moon Bride." I am also releasing a new FanFiction in the universe of a game series known as Kingdom Hearts. The title of the FanFiction is X-Wielder: Nobody Chasing, the first of a tentative three book series. I have at least a few one-shots I may write if the mood strikes me both for Kingdom Hearts and other fandoms on my list to create.

    • Both "True Intention" and "X-Wielder: Nobody Chasing" have a cover image that I may improve whether it is with a better angle or drawing.

That's all I have currently for updates, bloopers, and schemes. See you next week for more updates, bloopers, and schemes for Waggish Writer.


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more!

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