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Waggish Writer Geeks Out: The Lord of the Rings Zoom Call Reaction: Part 1

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

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A few nights before the end of May, my boyfriend showed me an article that a Zoom call with the cast of the "Lord of the Rings" series would be airing on May 31. I nearly cut off the circulation in my partner's arm in my geek excitement.

May 31 rolled over, but I had to wait in agonizing silence as my boyfriend had commitments at noon. But I got ready with my Arwen's Evening Star that my boyfriend gifted me with glittering earrings. The only part that would have increased my levels of geek-ness would to have a Lord of the Rings-themed shirt (future present to me).

Finally, we sat down to watch. I held my hot chocolate in my Lord of the Rings themed-mug that said, "I Love You like a Hobbit Loves Second Breakfast." This mug was another gift from my partner, who is an amazing young man and embraces both me and my geek-ness.

It was 50 minutes of pure geek bliss. Arwen and Aragon, my favorite romantic couple from the series, were on the same call.

It was both spooky and amazing to see the cast members in their everyday appearance. One of the comments that I said to my partner is that "I can hear Aragon's voice."

After the show ended, my partner surprised me. Unbeknownst to me, due to me being absorbed in my geek-ness, he video taped my reaction as I watched the show.

The original video was 11 minutes long, which I would have definitely put up as that is how geeky I am. However, the file was too big.

Then, my boyfriend edited the video, which he titled, "Erin Geeks Out at the Lord of the Rings Zoom Call." Cut down to nearly 4 minutes, it captures my geek-hyped reactions to the show.

Curious about the show? Want to see it and have your own reactions to it? Check it out at "One Zoom to Rule Them All!"

"One Zoom to Rule Them All | Reunited Apart Lord of the Rings Edition" was hosted by Josh Gad as a benefit to "No Kid Hungry," a fundraiser to help the children who've been the most affected by COVID-19 in getting meals to them (1). Cheerios donated $1.3 million to the event.

When I looked up the YouTube version of the show to include in this blog post, I saw the donations had been $90,605.

That is a lot of support and an incredible testament to the actors who took time out of their day to partake in the call.

While COVID-19 has lead to a lot of loss, there seems to be a lot of gain to be found. How often can one say that a cast for a legendary trilogy would come together (apart at the same time) for charity? It speaks to the creativity this time has sparked and how incredibly talented the cast are.

If you like my geek reaction or like the show, write a comment below. Let's geek out together about the Lord of the Rings!

I plan to follow up this post with another where I shimmer down my geek-freak out to record my reactions to watching the show a second time. I will still geek out, but I want to offer more than exclamations of "so geek."


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This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more "Waggish Writer Geeks Out!"

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(1) Josh Gad. (May 31, 2020). One zoom to rule them all | Reunited apart the lord of the rings edition [Video]. Youtube.

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