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Waggish Writer Geeks Out: The Fandom Effect Episode 1 featuring Streamer Pipping Hot Pizza!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hello and thank you for visit Waggish Writer.

This post is the start of a new venture beneath the "Waggish Writer Geeks Out" series focusing on a podcast called "The Fandom Effect," hosted by The Bushido Geek, Mark Halberg.

My partner introduced me to the podcast as he has been really good friends with the podcast's creator for years. They have been involved in several DND adventures with a history longer than my relationship with my partner.

The series' premise is "to showcase how the fandoms we are part of can have a profound impact on our lives" (Halberg). What I like about the podcast is how The Bushido Geek ventures into different parts of 'fandom' such as cosplay to DND, from speaking to a cast member of the show "One Piece" to an artist who frequents conventions. Overall, the series promises to dive into the creations as well as the creators behind the shows and events that geeks worship in various degrees.

The series' following blog posts will introduce the episode's topic and then proceeds with my reactions to and questions about the podcast. Ideally, if I catch up to the episodes, which there are currently 9 as I am working on this post, I will dedicate a post focusing on "The Fandom Effect"'s creator, how he got started, and where he envisions taking his work in the future.


The first podcast is Halberg speaking with Streamer Pipping Hot Pizza about streaming video games. Being friends who play games and cosplay in the past, their discussion flows between speaking about first person shooters (Apex being a dominate example for the first part of their discussion) to their individual journeys in video gaming. Then, the conversation then meanders over to the current situation and how they have been able to use the time to catch up on games, sometimes debating on characters on various video games.


In the opening of the podcast, Halberg and his guest speaker welcomed listeners to the podcast.

Pipping Hot Pizza focuses on streaming video games, mostly depending on what interests them. Apex is one of the discussion's focus, but the conversation organically develops to other video games they reflect upon and discuss. Another game series they have touched upon is the Final Fantasy series. It is a series that I am somewhat familiar with due to my boyfriend showing me some of the games via actually playing the games and watching the game's cut scenes on YouTube.

My first impression is that the podcast does cater to those who are familiar with gaming. At the same time, the way the conversation flows gives it a nice feel that you are a listening ear on the conversation. They slid in tips, saying that knowing the map layout for the games is useful, especially in first person shooters.

However, as I listened to their conversation, what really intrigued me is how the Pipping Hot Pizza as well as Halberg had the same theme in the creation of their ventures.

Their group of friends gathered naturally due to their love of games, leading to groups who love games. This passion then seems to drive the creation of their individual projects to showcase what they love to the universe, Pipping Hot Pizza via its streaming of video games and Halberg's podcast channel. My sense is the greatest creativity is when people who think alike are drawn together to create something equally if not more awesome due to their passion.

Listening to the first podcast, I wonder if a future topic might cover how individuals may venture into the fandom after being shunned away either due to their upbringing or hesitance on venturing into the fandom due to the stereotypes. Then again, it may not be a topic to cover as it caters to exploring the fandoms that exist.

What I also enjoyed about this episode is that Halberg shares his journey in naming his podcast, which is showing the thoughtful nature he takes to showing his appreciation for games and sharing with the universe about what he is most passionate about. It resonates with me as a creator as Waggish Writer is my passion outlet for my writing and place to geek out about amazing things that I do not often have a chance to talk about.

At the end of the episode, Halberg shares a tip of a place where he was able to teach himself. If you want the tip, check out the podcast. ; )

Overall, I enjoyed being a listening ear to the episode, and I look forward to listening to the next episode.

Want to check out "The Fandom Effect"'s first episode and have your own reactions and ponder your own questions?

You can be a listening ear by following the link here. Apple Podcast, which is where I pulled up the episode to listen to, is one of the many ways you can listen to the podcast.

Want to keep up with "The Fandom Effect" to see where the podcast goes next? You can follow the adventures of the Bushido Geek and the podcast's guests on the following channels:

  • Buzzsprout: click here to check out "The Fandom Effect" channel

  • YouTube: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" YouTube channel

  • Apple Podcast: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" Apple Podcasts

  • Spodify: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" Spodify channel

  • Google Play: requires an account to access "The Fandom Effect" on Google Play

  • iHeart Radio: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" iHeart Radio channel

Curious about Pipping Hot Pizza? You can visit their Facebook page to see what other games they explore via streaming.

I will play catch up in listening to the episodes as when I was writing this, Part 2 of the "One Piece" discussion appeared. It is officially 9 episodes, but Episode 9 consists of two parts. Unofficially, it will increase what I will need to be a listening ear.

If you take the time to listen to the podcast, share what you think in the comments! Let's have a discussion about streaming video games and the general world of video gaming in general. Simply be mindful that everyone has opinions.


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more from the "Waggish Writer Geeks Out" series!

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