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"Ruh-Oh!" You Caught Me!: Waggish Writer Glimpse, July 2021

Hello Universe!

Did you know that vacations are the smooth talking rogues who pickpocket your time away from you?

You're having so much fun that you're shocked when you realize not only that you have two days of vaca left, but you also had a blog post you're late for?

A traditional pocket watch counts the day's seconds, but it should truly count the moments we savor.
I lost track of time management while on vacation! Oh well! Image Credit: Wix

Whelp, that's why I'm publishing one day late from my self-schedule dedication to the blog.'s still July, which means I'm not late yet!

While I'm on that topic, I simply want to say you sometimes need that mini-vacation for yourself.

It is so easily to fret over the time wasted. I know it is because I love schedules. I love routines; and, I love checking things off of my list.

So, you caught me on a week holiday from my usual hustle of working on my business.

My little gem of thought is taking the break from self-imposed business hours translates into savoring the moments. It gives motivation to go back to those business hours fully charged and ready to work hard to get back to having a fabulous vacation.

While I am on vacation until Thursday, I spent my time home wisely:

  • I helped my mom with projects around our house to declutter that included a run to donate the things no longer needed.

  • I dedicated part of my day to my health and listened to my thoughts while out on the trial either running/walking, depending on the bug levels.

  • I celebrated one of my three sisters whose taking the next step in her life to marry the man she loves in September.

  • I indulged in shopping with Mom, Grandma, Sister-in-law, and my adorable if mischievous niece and nephew.

  • I talked to my mom where I feel that our relationship has grown by leaps and bounds, which we agree to disagree as long as we are heading in the right direction.

  • I recharged by sitting down to read a book and watching some DIY shows and Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives.

While I am enjoying my vacation, I am ready to go back. Too much vacation is such a thing for me. I did some slight working, checking my LinkedIn and Facebook, but I made it a rule that no heavy business hustle while I'm on vacation.

There's a lot of work for me to do, but "the pieces are moving" for transforming Waggish Writer into the business venture of my dreams (Gandalf, Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King).

Quick News Flash

After a long period of time, Waggish Writer's new look is basically in place. What is left is some minor elements I need to include. Its appearance is wonderful and perfectly captures the simple eloquence I was seeking.

The look embraces how I'm a creator and a professional, bringing hints of mischief within the beauty.

My plan is that I will have my elements put into place before the next time I post towards the end of August.

What will be a work in progress is the website's content. I feel strong about the Home Page, Service Page, Blog Page, and Contact Page. The most tricky page is my About Page.

Curious what I'm talking about? Well, check back between now and August.

It's exciting and terrifying to see how Waggish Writer is coming together. There's more to learn, so I'm certain you'll see me fumble around. What's important is I'm having fun and always learning.

Here are ways you can help me with Waggish Writer:

  • "Like" the post if you read it!

  • "Love" it if you feel this new post style is great!

  • "Share" on social media to spread the word!

  • "Comment" with questions or give feedback below!

Thank you for dropping by!


Erin, Owner & Creator of Waggish Writer

*(Till Next Tuesday!)

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