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Reflections for Myself: How I View Content and Copy Through My Values

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The world would be a boring place if writers wrote in the same voice and style.

If writers did, I would imagine only one book would sit on a bookshelf. One newspaper would go out each day, and one social media platform would exist on the Internet.

I like this world we live in. It’s crammed full of all kinds of books, newspapers, and social media platforms.

It’s because we humans are driven to talk and write in our own voice and style. This drive brings color to stories, languages, and art creations.

How we are able to communicate with each other is that we’ve come to a common understanding that one channel needs to be similar across the board in order to communicate.

As a writer in the field of copywriting, I’ve come to understand the basics of content and copy.

But as a human being, I cannot resist putting my own spin on how I interpret content and copy.

The spin is seeing these two copywriting terms through my core values as an owner and creator of my writing service business.

What Are My Business Values for Waggish Writer?

My business values are enlighten, entertain, and enchant.

Let me explain my values before I dive into how they fit into the puzzles of content and copy:

  • Enlighten means to learn; knowledge makes you all the better as a person

  • Entertain means to enjoy and have an experience you’ll remember

  • Enchant means what it is, you’re charmed by the words and interested to learn more about the crafter behind the words

If you want to get a dictionary for the official definitions, go for it. Otherwise, follow to see how my business values play with content and copy.

Content and Copy Via My Business Values

Content focuses on enlightening the readers on a world truth; a problem's solution, or a discovery of how to experience life differently.

Really good content keeps a reader moving through the details because the writing entertains them.

At the end, exceptional content causes the reader to feel that stab of disappointment to reach the end and wishing to keep reading. It indicates the content and its word weaver have enchanted the reader to seek the next piece of work.

Copy flips the focus of my business values. With so little words to play with, each word is carefully selected and meticulously put together to enchant the reader in the window of seconds to capture their attention.

The greatest challenge and the most potent copy enlightens the reader of what to expect or learn if they decide to take the next step.

In those seconds, the reader is entertained and curious because the copy struck an emotion.

When these elements work together, the reader is ready for the next step such as:

  • Learn more on the topic

  • Sign for the newsletter to keep up with what's the latest

  • Purchase that product

  • Invest in that service

  • Chat in person or online

It can be difficult to tell the difference between content and copy because copy and content balance on a thin line.

But the main takeaway is that all words have a purpose. It’s the writer of the words who decides what purpose it will be.

How Do I Fit with Content and Copy?

If I were to describe myself in the camps of content versus copy, my strengths lie in content. Here are the ways I weave in my business values into my work:

  • I’m always seeking to enlighten myself on ways I can be a better person and ways I can better serve those who struggle with words

  • I’m always experimenting to find new ways to entertain others with how words play with each other

  • I’m always striving to enchant those who come my way by being me: whimsical yet professional, enthusiastic but thoughtful, and listening for the main story and how it can be spun into many, many more ideas

My greatest flaws are having too many ideas and being wordy in the first draft.

That’s when my journalist background kicks in with my musical ear to rip out the weeds to unearth the core message in your story.

So, if I’ve enlightened, entertained, and enchanted you, we should have a coffee chat.

Till next time, have a wonderful life. <3

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