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Health Hacks Kick-Off!: What's Your Why?

Hello and welcome to Waggish Writer's new series! This series is taking a look at health in a different way.

"A Matter of Mantra" series focuses on the internal health of the mind and soul. "Health Hacks" kicks off a journey of physical health that influences the mind and soul.

Why have I decided to go into a journey of physical health here in the realm of the Internet? My family history is filled with health issues related to weight. Diabetes and high blood pressure are to name a few. I knew of the issues, but I never did anything to change it. I did not consider changing it seriously until my boyfriend, Mark, asked me to join Weight Watchers or WW as it is now called. This was a year after we started dating when he asked me to join him in achieving better health.

This series is not to promote WW. I will speak highly of it, but I am not on a quest to convert readers into members. This space is to share some tips and misadventures on my health journey of a lifetime.

Today's topic is based on a simple question: what's your why?

Starting my health journey with WW, our coach (the leader of the workshop) asked us to think about the why that propelled us to start on the journey for better health. There are obvious reasons and deeper reasons. Obvious reason: my boyfriend asked me. Deeper reason: self-image.

Growing up, I felt self-conscious of my image. I felt I was unattractive due to me be heavier while all the pretty girls were thinner. I felt something was wrong with me. As an adult, there are moments of self-consciousness of whether or not my clothes fit me or make me look fat.

Since I started on my WW journey, I've found my why has shifted into a list of whys:

  • I want to live a longer and fuller life not held back by health issues I have the power to prevent.

  • I want to set an example for a future family of taking care of one's self.

  • I want to tell my story, both of my real life's journey and the journeys my imagination takes me that I want others to experience. I'm the only one who can tell those stories. I need to create the time to tell those stories.

The "why" takes different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the "why" needs to change as someone changes how they approach their life. My most important tip is to keep the "why" fixed in your sites and then re-evaluate the "why" if there is stalling on the journey.

I am excited and terrified of starting this new series. However, I feel there are others who can relate to my story. This series is a beckon to those individuals in the universe to say that the journey to better health is universal. You are not alone.

I look forward to sharing this journey. I hope to inspire others to take care of their health for a longer, happier, and more fulfilling life.


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This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. See you next time for Health Hacks!

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