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Get to Know Me: I'm Rooted In a Big Family

Remember the time you get to know someone, one of the questions that always comes up is "tell me about your family."

As a writer, talking about my family can be either a delight for a listener or dread for someone who likes to talk. I had realized when I was working on my 9 fun facts about me that I was going to make an incredibly long post. That threat was also prevalent as I worked on this post.

I decided to keep it simply creative by describing my family as a tree to help me keep it short but sweet as a way to get to know me.

A Unique Family Tree

When you think of a family tree, you imagine a straight trunk and large branches spreading out to hold the names of the family members. Those branches branch out as the family grows and grows.

I could go with that image. Instead, let's go with an evergreen with a slight bend to the trunk.

A slightly curved evergreen tree in shades of purple represent a unique family tree that I see my family.
My family tree version is a slightly curved evergreen with lush pine needles.

Why an evergreen tree to explain a family?

I'm choosing an evergreen because of my belief your family is a consistent in your life. The seasons change, but your family will always be there. Some needles may fall from the branches, but it is always there. That slight bend is simply what makes my family unique from all others.

The roots, trunk, and branches represent the individuals who make up the tree.

All those pine needles are the details of that person.

Then the pinecones? Those are future evergreens when the little ones are ready to head off to begin their own family tree.

For the sanity of those reading, I will stick with the roots, trunk, and branches. If there's interest, maybe I can explore some of the pine needles if I get enough hearts <3 on my post.

Let's go explore my family tree, starting at its roots and trunk, before exploring the branches that makes up my unique family.

The Family Tree Trunk & Roots: Mom & Dad

My parents are Michigan natives. Dad is a Troll (he grew up in the lower half of Michigan), and Mom is a Yooper (she grew up in the upper half of Michigan).

So you can think of me as a Troll Yooper or simply a wholesome Michigander.

They met in college, both of them attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Tying the knot not long after they graduated, they had some quality time with each other, raising horses, before they decided to raise a family.

The Oldest Branch: My Brother

I have an older brother. A little fun fact is that he's my Irish twin. He was born in March while I was born in February.

As we were born a year apart, we share the same age for a month between our birthdays.

He takes after my dad with his love of science, ambitious projects, and devotion to his family.

Of my family, he was the first to tie the knot with my first sister-in-law who he met in college. Their part of the family tree has expanded with my first niece and nephew. They're adorable, growing pinecones who'll carry the family name.

Twining Branches: The Twins

A few years after me, my parents got a double blessing in the form of twin girls. They're my little sisters. As fraternal twins, they are different as night and day. But they are the tightest when the twins are reunited for family gatherings.

The Business Savvy Twin

If there was someone who could get things done, the oldest twin is for the job.

She's an incredible mind for details and make sure that if you have something to get done, she'll make sure you'll get it done. She planned her twin's wedding, planning our baby sister's and mine upcoming in 2023.

She's the twin who takes charge of a situation, but she always tries to make sure that you'll be happy with a situation.

She loves our niece and nephew to pieces, making her the awesome aunt of the family (personal opinion).

The Girly Tomboy Twin

Of the girls of in the family, the twin youngest is the most interesting. She took after Dad's love of hunting. She's had a pink camo bag at some point.

She's also the Rapunzel of the family with her incredibly long blonde hair that the twins share. Her ability to work complex braids in her hair and in the hair of the siblings in slack jaw inspiring.

She's the first girl to cross the bridge from Miss to Mrs. with her husband who shares in the love of hunting. He proposed to her on a hunting trip. They're expecting to add to their family in April of next year.

Baby Branch: Littlest Sister

As always in a big family, you have the oldest and youngest. I would say the family's baby is the most free-spirited.

She's a great bubble of personality, fashion statement, and someone you go to when you're looking for both fun and compassion. She persuaded our parents to get another dog back in high school when she was the only one at home. Since then, she acquired two of her own dogs.

She's following in our parents' footsteps in the profession she chose with the mindset of having a family a part of her life.

She's next to make the crossing from Miss to Mrs. a few months prior to my own trip across the bridge.

What About Your Branch, Erin?

If I'm to think of myself, I'm a branch whose a bit quirky in shape. My pine needles are off-colored from the rest. There are several small branches off of me in my journey:

  • The branch where I thought I was going to be a teacher

  • The branch I took a gap year in my education

  • And a branch where I spent two years as a a barista

There are many more off-shooting branches about me. However, I'm restraining myself because if you ask a writer to write, she'll write a waterfall of words.

What I will share is that I'm about to start a new off-shoot branch in October 2023. That branch consists of a husband, new parent-in-laws, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, and nephews.

That's My Family Tree, What's Yours?

I hope this posts offers insights into where I'm rooted with some fun sprinkled in along the way. If you want to learn more about my family, leave a <3 on the post. If I can get 100 <3s, I'll be happy to explore more of my family tree.

If you want to join in the fun, describe in the comments below what your family tree would look like.

Until next time, have a wonderful life. <3

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