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Get to Know Me: I'm a Morning Bird Fueled on Coffee

There are usually two kinds of people in the world.

The first kind of people who wish to take advantage of the night hours. While most settle down for the day as the sun goes down, these "night owls" spend as much time as they can before they finally go to sleep.

Then, there's the second kind of people see mornings as the time to be most productive. These "morning birds" rise even before the dawn to seize the day in their own way.

As the title clearly says, I'm a morning bird fueled on coffee.

Erin Fedeson, a brunette woman grins with one of her favorite mugs that embodies her morning spirit, a songbird.
Hi! I'm Erin, a content writer, blogger, and word wizard whose a morning bird and runs on coffee!

Hi, I'm Erin! And I'm Waggish Writer's Wordsmith.

You've probably met me through my LinkedIn "Musings for Myself" article series I post monthly. Or you might have had a chance to read my earlier post where I shared 9 fun facts about me.

However you've encountered me, I'm continuing to share a bit more about me in case you're looking for a writer to entrust your brand's voice to when you need to free up your time to write for your clients.

Was I Always a Morning Bird?

I always found myself getting up early on the days that there's nothing going on.

Some days, my body wakes up and is ready for the day despite the nonsense time like 5 am, on a weekend day of all the days.

Before, I use to resist getting up. Now, I capitalize on this time for myself. Either my body wakes me early or my alarm chimes at 5:15 am. I dress for the day and head to my writer's nook to work on my writing business.

The quiet, dark morning is a time where my thoughts are free. For sounds, my computer hums. Then, there's my breathing as my fingers tap on the keyboard. On occasion, I scribble my words with mechanical pencil on paper, a writing utensil I never thought I would like. Usually, it's a pen that clicks open.

Which ever method I use, the words flow easier. My critic takes a back seat and lets me be who I am: a writer, a crafter of words.

Life can be hectic, especially when you have not only a writing business but a traditional 9-5 job and a life beyond words.

Words can nurture a soul. But they don't give warm hugs like my fiancée. They don't see the world as an adventure like my niece and nephew who delight me with their games when I'm with them.

Mornings before the world awakes lets me have my time with myself and with words. It's like a daily dose of medicine that brightens the rest of my day and enables me to live my best life.

Was I Always Fueled on Coffee?

Truthfully, coffee was an introduction by my parents. Their profession demanded caffeine, and coffee was their beverage of choice.

I can't honestly remember when I started. I was young and probably sample a bit of my parents'. Of the two, I take after Dad: cream and sugar as I like it sweet.

Being an adult now, I've traded my 2 or 3 heaping teaspoons of sugar for a 1 packet of sugar substitute and my cream for sugar-free French Vanilla. I restricted myself to 1 cup to start my day. Any additional cups are either 1) I'm desperate for a caffeine kick later in the day or 2) I need a mindset reset to help me focus on working on my writing business.

It's Your Turn; Are You a Morning Bird or Night Owl?

If you can't tell, I am someone who if you tell me to write, I'll write a waterfall of words.

Since I've established myself as a morning bird, it's your turn.

If you're a morning bird, give the post a <3.

If you're a night owl, give the post a "like."

Until next time, have a wonderful life. <3

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