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Chrysalis of Transformation: Waggish Writer Glimpse, June 2021

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Hello Universe!

Waggish Writer has been quiet for several months now in a chrysalis of transformation.

I've thought long and hard about whether or not the chrysalis embracing Waggish Writer will crack or remain in safe development.

I've developed a compromise.

Before the month turns from old to new, I will post updates:

  • To show off new features

  • To verbally share news

  • To chat casually about what is on my mind

Waggish Writer's final transformation will be saved until all the pieces are in place.

I have one feature to show off and two pieces of existing news to share.

New Feature: Lovely Logo Unveiled!

I am happy to announce the logo drafting I mentioned several weeks (maybe months ago) has been finalized. The logo will be cleverly weaved onto the main website. Below is how the universe will see it on social media.

A purple circle holds a white butterfly shaped with 2 Ws with a tiara-like crown.  This new logo captures creativity for using Waggish Writer's name to shape the logo.  Graphic Designer credit: Drake Korson
Waggish Writer gets a new logo! Graphic Designer credit: Drake Korson

I am very excited by the new design that embraces my creativity but finally expresses the simple eloquence I wish to bring to my work.

I owe this beautiful creation to Drake Korson who took my vision and hit a home run!

He is currently taking my crazy creativity to craft a new banner, play with fonts, and design a clever footer.

Those designs will probably be a verbal news share to avoid taking away the awesomeness he creates that will be visible on Waggish Writer's new look.

Stay tune for a future story about how I went from my first logo to my newest logo in a future post!

Exiting News: Waves Are in My Future!

I'm going to appear as a guest speaker this July and August with two awesome and unique individuals!

July Guest Speaker Appearance with The Bipolar DM

In the not so distant future, I will have the incredible opportunity to chat with Jason Cottom, host of The Bipolar DM Show.

Cottom reached out via LinkedIn for guest speakers to talk about Dungeons & Dragons, indie writing, and mental illness.

Intrigued, I reached out to find out more. Not long after my reach out, Cottom invited me to come talk on his show!

It will be my first time on a show where I'm going to be in the spotlight by a creator whose interested in Dungeons & Dragons as well as writing. It's terrifying and thrilling!

I'm slotted to speak with Cottom on July 10, 7 pm Eastern Time Zone. Here's how you can check it out:

  • Jason Cottom's website,

  • YouTube by looking up The Bipoloar DM

  • Twitch at

  • Facebook at the handle @bipolardm

Hope you can drop by during the recording or drop by after the podcast is posted!

August Guest Speaker Appearance with Charlotte Kaye

My August appearance is with someone who has a great deal of influence over not only my website's rebranding but my life's outlook: Charlotte Kaye.

I wrote a testimonial for Charlotte when I worked with her as my life coach when she called her business Airy Fairy Feminist.

Not too long before I started working on my website rebranding, I noticed she shifted from Airy Fairy Feminist to a whole new direction with Charlotte Kaye. It intrigued me, and I wondered, "why the switch?"

I reconnected with Kaye to work as my consultant while I set up Waggish Writer as an official business.

In our conversation, I mentioned my interest in being on the podcast to talk about rebranding.

How she lit up could have shattered a whole business building's lights with how excited she was.

I am excited as well to learn how she went through the process to rebrand herself, and how I will reflect on my own journey to rebrand with Waggish Writer.

I'm slotted to appear on her podcast August 9!

I'll update this post with more details of how you can check it out!

I'm excited in the new direction Waggish Writer and my life is taking.

Here are ways you can help me with Waggish Writer's new direction:

  • "Like" the post if you read it!

  • "Love" it if you feel this new post style is great!

  • "Share" on social media to spread the word!

  • "Comment" with questions or give feedback below!

Thank you for dropping by!


Erin, Owner & Creator of Waggish Writer

*(Till Next Tuesday!)

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