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A Story Years in the Making: Part 1: Divine Devices

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Every writer has that story. Their first story. The story that got them sitting in their chair with either their fingers flying on the keyboard or their pen/pencil scribbling on paper. They toil for hours on end because they have that elusive tale that has to be told.

My story, the one that got me into writing during 4th grade, has undergone many revisions, sputtering starts, and jaw-breaking stops.

As I grew, my writing evolved. With so many ideas bouncing around in my head, I had to make a decision: divide the story. Keep the ideas separate. Evolve those ideas into their own story.

Therefore, Divine Devices, is one of the ideas splinted off from my main story.

Divine Devices is a series I envisioned being split into several books. Many characters have their own lives before the inciting incident of this story pushes them out of their normal circumstances into the wider world of the Mortal Realm.

What I share will be my first draft. It is getting my story on paper. I'll have to polish, refine, and align the story with the rules I am still in development.

My vision is to see this story one day either on eBooks or a hard cover, whether it is self-publishing or through a publisher.

Still, I am excited to share my developing creation. It may go through many revisions after the first draft is shared, and the title may change. Its heart and spirit will remain constant.

I present Divine Devices to the universe. I hope you enjoy my story and stay tune for when the next chapter arrives.

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