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A Matter of Mantra: "Money Will Flow When I do What I Love"

This is the twelfth blog post from a series known as "A Matter of Mantra."

Here's the drill: I'll talk about how the mantra listed in the title came into my life and how it helps me. My hope is that if this mantra resonates with you that you may use it to help live your life to the fullest.


As a kid, you don't really think about money. I was one of the lucky kids who had wonderful parents that ensured that there was no pressing need.

I would say I was fairly ignorant about the value of money growing up until I stepped into college with the pressure of needing to get a career that starts bringing in money.

Well, I was one of the college students who focused on her studies because she was told that being a student was a job. I got an allowance to take care of the basics. I used what I needed and put the extra away.

However, there was a rude awakening on the horizon (see my Got Ghost musing for that story).

Once that rude awakening happened, I drifted a little.

I took a gap year. Worked as a staff writer and part-time as a cashier while taking some classes at Washtenaw Community College.

Went back to school to try and get it right with a Master of Science in Information.

Found myself struggling to look for work in my field, so I picked up work as a barista.

All that time, I kept dreaming about writing but always held back because of that one little problem: how to make money with writing.

Finally, I got help from Charlotte Kaye, a life coach who helped me look at the issues that were going on with me.

In one of my sessions, she introduced me to the concept of "Money Will Flow When I do What I Love" and encouraged me to embrace the fact that if I persist, the money I always kept worrying about will find its way to me.


It has honestly been years since I thought about this mantra. Blame life. Blame laziness. Blame inattentiveness.

But I'm taking a moment to reflect on how I have found a way.

Waggish Writer had its start as a creative blog back in May 2020.

August 2021 was the pivot that I changed my perspective from my writing from merely being a hobby to a business.

There's writing I do for clients. But I've always kept some of my writing for myself, letting myself have the creative fun that enchanted me into the world of writing.

Money is flowing to me through the work that I do. But it only flows if I keep showing up not only for my clients but for myself.

What's most important, I keep the flow of words going, no matter if it is a project for clients, a musing for myself, or a trip down the rabbit hole of my creativity for the story that captures my fancy at the moment.

No one works the same way, so I am not preaching this mantra to be a fool-proof method. It is a tool and option that is out there for those who struggle.

As a writer, I take time each time I journal to write "Money Will Flow When I do What I Love" five times. Write it. Talk it. Draw it. Tackle this mantra any way that gets the message across for yourself.

If the mantra has helped in any way or the story resonates and you feel comfortable in sharing, make a comment below or feel free to Contact Me if you want it private. Let's re-invent ourselves to do what we love and watch the money flow together.


This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more in "A Matter of Mantra" series!

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