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A Matter of Mantra: "I am Worthy, and I am Enough"

Hello and thank you for visiting Waggish Writer.

This is the second blog post from a series of my journalist persona known as "A Matter of Mantra."

This post will talk about how the mantra listed in the title came into my life and how it helps me. My hope is that if this mantra resonates with you that you may use it to help live your life to the fullest.


True confession, this mantra actually reshaped itself from its original form.

The original mantra had simply been "I am Enough." Why was this mantra important to me? This mantra is important to me because it highlights the struggle that I have with self-esteem.

I questioned every decision I made for myself, weighing what other people will think of my decision versus how I would feel about the decision. I often felt self-conscious about admitting weakness or accepting help, whether it is money or telling others about my problems.

In one of my early sessions with Charlotte Kaye, she decided I needed to add "I am Enough" to my homework of writing mantras. She wanted me to break out of my habit of second guessing kindness and blessings from those closest in my life with the phrase, "I am Enough." While the phrase helped me, there was always a slight nagging sensation of 'do I deserve this truly?'

As someone who comes from a very driven, result heavy family, it is hard to accept weakness or accepting help. Admitting those often felt self-defeating and failure. Those negative emotions twisted into the nagging sensation, 'you are not worthy because you are not strong enough on your own.'

Further along in my sessions with Kaye, she challenged me to stop my guilt and worry of not being worthy. She told me to add it into my mantras as "I am Worthy."

At this time, I have been writing my mantras five times each time I write in my journal, which could be a series of days. I decided that the best place to put it was with "I am Enough."

Hence, "I am Worthy, and I am Enough" came into my life as a hybrid mantra.


It would be a wonderful thing that a mantra could be a magic wand that waves itself in the air to fix problems in the world. When the issue is deep seeded into oneself, it is something that cannot be magic away. However, the mantra has been chipping away at my insecurities and helped me grow confident in myself. If I do have doubts, I look back to see where I was and where I am now. My journey is proof that I can and I will do what I want and wish with my life.

The fact I am willing to admit the times I need help is a step in the right direction by identifying that I am worthy of being helped, and I am enough of a reason to seek what I need to be a better version of me. I find the assurance from those I love and the small moments the universe shows its affection towards me. It's not forgotten me. The universe is simply waiting for me to stop hiding and start shining with the light that is me.

"I am worthy, and I am enough."

No one works the same way, so I am not preaching this mantra to be a fool-proof method. It is a tool and option that is out there for those who struggle with their confidence and self-esteem. I am better, but I can always improve.

As a writer, I take time each time I journal to write "I am Worthy, and I am Enough" five times. Write it. Talk it. Draw it. Tackle this mantra any way that gets the message across for yourself.

If the mantra has helped in any way or the story resonates and you feel comfortable in sharing, make a comment below or feel free to Contact Me if you want it private. We have worth, and we are enough for ourselves. Let's celebrate together.


Thank you for taking the time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more in "A Matter of Mantra" series!

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