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Welcome to my Blog!


As I shared on my Home page, when I'm not helping clients with their content writing or copywriting needs, I write content with the goal to enlighten, entertain, and enchant the universe and its vast clientele. 


Some are practical.  Some are poems.  And some hint at the creativity flowing in my veins. 


Why do I chose to blog this way?  Because reality is the most beautiful place in the world.  There is no other place like it. 


Here is your job as a reader:

  • If you like my post, drop a "Like!"

  • If you want more posts like it, give it a "Love" and tell me what you love about it in the comments!

  • If you have questions or more to say on the topic in my post, use the comments or reach out to me at my Contact page!

  • If my words move you and you know someone who could use my words, "Share" it to the world via your favorite social media platform!


Side note: I will respond within 24 hours of a comment or message!

If you are enjoying where I am taking you with my writing,  support my creativity with a purchase of a mug of my creative brew: Adventure Ale that I brew on my creative business branch, Daring Dice Dames, hosted on my Buy Me a Coffee platform. 


One Smooth Ale of Adventure Ale drops a magical $5 tip into my tipping jar that will aid me in my quest for freedom to live on the words I write.

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