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"Why? I'll Tell You Why..."

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Created March 9, 2020

Why? I'll you why

I haven't soughed out

The perfect lifestyle

Running 9 to 5.

My heart isn't there.

It sinks in my chest

At the heavy price

Conformity claims.

Why? I'll tell you why

I hesitate to

Say aloud my thoughts,

Hope, dreams, and wishes.

'It's impossible,'

It's what I've been told,

To live on the pen

That crafts adventures.

Why? I'll tell you why

I can't speak aloud

In a heart to heart

Conversation now.

My pen in my hand

Writes only the truth

For my mouth conceals

What I feel inside.

Why? I'll tell you why

Anger and sadness

Manifest in words

Yet remains voiceless.

Writing is speaking

To the self I hide

Concealed in my chest:

My beating, red heart.

Why? I'll tell you why

I can write these words

With no fear or hate

To my audience.

I say what I feel.

I don't speak for you.

This is my healing

Of the wounds within.

Why? I'll tell you why

I write this poem here

For the world to see

And provoke feelings.

I seek connection,

A signal in space,

A message reading:

'You are not alone.'


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