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Waggish Writer Week 25 Reflections

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit Waggish Writer.

Week 25's reflection is coming later than I usually aim for this week, but it has given me time to do some digging.

This week has been a lot of stress eating. There are a lot of life changes that are coming for me. What I found myself questioning my capabilities. I fed the stress instead of releasing the stress.

I've made progress in releasing the stress by chatting with my mom the other day. Distance and time makes it a bit harder to wedge in time to create time and space to talk with her. What I've realized that hermits (like myself) are people who do need the comfort and flow of people. Covid-19 has really changed things, making it harder to meet people. Moments to celebrate. Moments to grieve. These moments are haunted by: "What if I get infected?" or "What if I infect someone?"

I am still wrapping my head around the stress, but I am determined to make the change. I will work on releasing my stress, not feeding it.

Something else that I've been reflecting on is that I have been only touching upon some of my creative work. Part of the reason is that I have a series of blog posts that I try to put out. Therefore, I'm going to dial it down a bit to be:

  1. Updates on what mischief I've been up to the past week (usually Mondays)

  2. A new blog post

  3. Throwbacks to my older posts to introduce/revise for new audience

  4. Reflections of the week (usually Fridays)

  5. Bonus content of what feels right in the flow of creativity for me (poetry, work on Story Scribbles, FanFiction Fascination, Samurai Sisters, Divine Devices, or one of my many projects that are in various stages)

These things may change as I look at what I'm doing to see if there are ways that I can work on my other creative projects.

Those are my thoughts of the week. I'll reflect next week to see what happens.


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more reflections next week!

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