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Waggish Writer Month 3 Highlights & Reflections

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Hello and thank you for visiting Waggish Writer.

On May 17/May 18 of 2020, in the midst of COVID-19, I took a leap of faith to release Waggish Writer to the world.

Waggish Writer is a colorful display of my writing personas: the serious author, the whimsical poet, the detail-oriented journalist, the visionary screenwriter, and the exploratory FanFiction Writer.

Below are some of the highlights of Waggish Writer's first month of existence:

  • Website Highlights: I have been adding new pages as well as working on picking up on sharing my writing with the universe via Facebook. One of the things that I am working on is creating access points to different parts of my writing.

  • Author Highlights: I created a new section of the Author persona for Story Scribbles, a section of my website where I am creating two stories with the images that spark my excitement. These stories have been developing both on the scene on the website and in my mind.

  • Poet Highlights: Poems have been here in spurts when the inspiration strikes me.

  • Journalist Highlights: I started creating a scrapbook of my articles I wrote for the Washtenaw Voice. I have also found my old blog I wrote when I traveled to Peru for a study abroad program.

  • Screenwriter Highlights: I shared my scripts with the universe where I am curious to see if individuals wish to see more of my drafts. Make a comment to get my attention!

  • FanFiction Writer: I have three stories at different stages of completion:

    • Pride's Moon Bride

    • X-Wielder: Nobody Chasing

    • Her Maid, Blood Bird

When this post goes live, it will be a total of 64 posts over the course of 3 months since the website went live. In that time, I took holiday from working on the website. It was much needed because I can work on the website, feeling accomplished and excited. Some projects are at a stand still while some projects are moving ahead. I am going with the flow of my creativity, comforted that it is there when I need ideas of how to channel my creativity.

In a way, Waggish Writer is me self-publishing to the world. I do eventually want to take some of the content I am sharing with the world and take it to the next level. At this time, releasing my creativity to the universe via the Internet scratches the itch. It also provides me self-motivation to create content and move forward with the stories I've had simmering and bubbling in the back of my mind.

Let me know in the comment section of ideas of how I can move my projects forward or if you have feedback for the website. Thanks for stopping by!


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. See you next month for highlights and reflections!

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