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Waggish Writer Geeks Out: The Fandom Effect Episode 4 featuring Chef Chuck!

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This post is fourth post in the new venture beneath the "Waggish Writer Geeks Out" series focusing on a podcast called "The Fandom Effect," hosted by The Bushido Geek, Mark Halberg.

The premise of the series is "to showcase how the fandoms we are part of can have a profound impact on our lives" (Halberg). Overall, the series promises to dive into the creations as well as the creators behind the shows and events that geeks worship in various degrees.

The blog post's structure will introduce the episode's topic and then proceed with my reactions to and questions about the podcast. Ideally, if I catch up to the episodes, which there are currently 9 as I am working on this post, I will dedicate a post focusing on "The Fandom Effect"'s creator, how he got started, and where he envisions taking his work in the future.


This podcast steps out of the realm of cosplay, streaming, and Dungeons & Dragons into the real realm of culinary. The Bushido Geek sits down with Chef Chuck who has been in the industry for over a decade. They talk about the landscape of culinary work, the struggles they go through, and advice for those who are serious about the culinary industry.


Something that I have found in listening to the podcast, while this is only the fourth one I've written commentary on, it how the Fandom Effect selects its guests with a scope and comradery.

Chef Chuck has been in the field for over 13 years, wanting to have his own business. It is getting more challenging into the field. They talk about how the quarantine may change the field as the industries may do a deeper reflection. It is challenging to run a business, especially with a liquor license. The business can either make a profit or suffer losses depending on the month.

One of the topics they cover is how media influences the culinary industry. The presentation of media influences how diners view their experience.

Chef Chuck's journey after he graduated spent 8-9 years where he worked various positions: sports bars, fancy restaurants, and many other venues. While the culinary school teaches a lot, Chuck specified that there is a certain work ethic that goes into the industry. Halberg had a brief stint in the culinary industry, which he related to being very rough entering without any experience.

One of the things they touched upon is that culinary school is expensive, making a barrier for those who want to attend the school.

Time spent in the kitchen is very long with the pay being low because some business chose lower skilled individuals hired since they can pay them less.

One of the things Chef Chuck advises for those entering the school is showing the employers what they can do. If a person can take up some manager roles, that individual can earn a few extra hours and make them more valuable of a employee.

They transition from the culinary route is talking about zombies. It's a lighter topic that seems to stem from the current quarantine (which is still going on as I'm working on this commentary). Chef Chuck's personal preference is to go into the wilderness where there is fresh water and food.

They then shifted over to video games and how games have been delayed due to the pandemic. They were excited with the Final Fantasy VII Remake and the latest version of Streets of Rage.

I will admit that I was a bit disconnected from the content since the podcast did go over an hour with topics shifting from culinary to other parts of the fandom effect. This episode is more catered to those who want to listen to two good friends talk about culinary, zombies, and the video games.

When I went to listen to this episode, I discovered that for some reason, Apple Podcast, my usual listening ear nook for the Fandom Effect, was missing the episode. Therefore, I had to improvised. The Fandom Effect has a YouTube channel I found the episode. It must be a oops moment with Apple Podcast.

Want to keep up with "The Fandom Effect" to see where the podcast goes next? You can follow the adventures of the Bushido Geek and the podcast's guests on the following channels:

  • YouTube: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" YouTube channel

  • Apple Podcast: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" Apple Podcasts

  • Spodify: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" Spodify channel

  • Google Play: requires an account to access "The Fandom Effect" on Google Play

  • iHeart Radio: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" iHeart Radio channel

Curious about Chef Chuck? Message the Fandom Effect who will pass the message along to get answers.

I will play catch up in listening to the episodes as when I was writing this, there are currently 42 episodes. What seemed so simply has now become a long marathon. Then again, I get a chance to geek out about things I do not often have a chance to share in a safe place.

If you take the time to listen to the podcast, share what you think in the comments! Let's have a discussion about the world of culinary and the video game world in general. Simply be mindful that everyone has opinions.


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more from the "Waggish Writer Geeks Out" series!

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