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Waggish Writer Geeks Out: The Fandom Effect Episode 2 featuring J. Vulpix Cosplay!

Hello and thank you for visit Waggish Writer.

This post is second post in the new venture beneath the "Waggish Writer Geeks Out" series focusing on a podcast called "The Fandom Effect," hosted by The Bushido Geek, Mark Halberg.

The premise of the series is "to showcase how the fandoms we are part of can have a profound impact on our lives" (Halberg). Overall, the series promises to dive into the creations as well as the creators behind the shows and events that geeks worship in various degrees.

The blog post's structure will be introducing the episode's topic and then proceed with my reactions to and questions about the podcast. Ideally, if I catch up to the episodes, which there are currently 19 as I am working on this post, I will dedicate a post focusing on "The Fandom Effect"'s creator, how he got started, and where he envisions taking his work in the future.


In today's podcast listen, the Bushido Geek visits with J. Vulpix Cosplay. They talk about the current situation of the pandemic of COVID-19 and how it affects the cons with a list of cancellations. After reflecting on this time, the conversation shifts to J. Vulpix's cosplay-ing, how she got started, why she chose her signature of Vulpix, and general advice for cosplay-ing.


What I like about the podcast is the ease of conversation Halberg has with his guests. He brings in his own interests and reflections that enriches the conversation.

One of the things that made be me chuckle is how cosplay and the costume choices depend on the weather. J. Vulpix shared that she did not do her Vulpix costume in 2019 due to the weather. A point they stressed is to try planning around the weather and also comfort. J. Vulpix shared she dressed on year as Harley where she wore really high heels, not breaking them in before the con.

J. Vulpix shared that Vulpix was her favorite Pokemon, citing "she has so much sass" in the comics.

At one point of the podcast, they compared Digimon (a show I remember seeing briefly in my childhood) to Pokemon. What they gave Digimon credit for was how they aged the characters. Ash Ketchum has never aged in the show series.

One of the cosplays J. Vulpix did was cosplay-ing as a female Harry Potter. She did this before she officially started to cosplay in college. This included planning the cosplay, getting the supplies, and making the costume. Her first cosplay was Misty, getting to "yell at all the Ashs." There was one incident that she saw an 'Ash' cosplayer riding a bike, which she played into her character role by wanting her bike back. The 'Ash' played his role by letting her use the bike that she road around a few times where others took pictures. She did return the bike back.

Besides cosplay-ing Vulpix, J. Vulpix has also done other Pokemon. Mischievous was her Halloween 2019 cosplay. The Pokemon next on her to-do list is Oddish. Part of her costume includes the Pokemon number.

Overall, the conversation meander to different con experiences. Halberg shared an experience with the Yellow Ranger at one con where it was a very strange experience. See the podcast for the full story. ; )

A way to get into the cosplay scene is to participate in the smaller cons. They are either free or a smaller fee to enter. When cosplay-ing, choose comfort and characters that you feel passionate about. A piece of advice J. Vulpix offered is a way to improve sewing skill is making pajama pants. Start simple. Build up the skills. Follow the instructions preciously on the package because not following the instructions can change the outcome of the sewing project.

Their conversation explores anime shows with favorites of Pokemon and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Something I would be interested in learning more about are resources that someone who is interested in getting into the con scene for ideas of cosplays for beginners. I wonder what kind of cons can be found in the local area.

Towards the end of the episodes, they shared some tips of where to get sewing machines, materials to be used with cautionary tales ("hot glue is your friend").

Want to check out "The Fandom Effect"'s second episode and have your own reaction? You can be a listening ear by following the link here. Apple Podcast, which is where I pulled up the episode to listen to, is one of the many ways you can listen to the podcast.

Want to keep up with "The Fandom Effect" to see where the podcast goes next? You can follow the adventures of the Bushido Geek and the podcast's guests on the following channels:

  • Buzzsprout: click here to check out "The Fandom Effect" channel

  • YouTube: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" YouTube channel

  • Apple Podcast: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" Apple Podcasts

  • Spodify: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" Spodify channel

  • Google Play: requires an account to access "The Fandom Effect" on Google Play

  • iHeart Radio: click here to visit "The Fandom Effect" iHeart Radio channel

Curious about J. Vulpiz Cosplay? You can visit her Instagram to see her full cosplay talent.

I will play catch up in listening to the episodes as when I was writing this, the 19 episode was released back on August 28. I do have a lot of catch up to do, but I want to make sure that I listen to the podcast for the pure fun of listening in and then follow up by sharing my thoughts and reactions. [Plus that means I shouldn't run out of content to enjoy. : ) ]

If you take the time to listen to the podcast, share what you think in the comments! Let's have a discussion about cosplays, what we would be, what cons we have gone to or wish to go to, and resources for those who want to give it a try. Simply be mindful that everyone has opinions.


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more from the "Waggish Writer Geeks Out" series!

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