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Waggish Writer Geeks Out: The Bookshelf: Part 8

Hello and welcome to Waggish Writer. This is Part 8 of "Waggish Writer Geeks Out: The Bookshelf."

Below is the background of my website that is a sample of my library.

Last time I embraced my geek-ness, I went over "The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide," "The Art of Editing in the Age of Convergence," and Kingsbury's "Unlocked."

Onward to the next books in the Waggish Writer's library!

Just a quick reminder, these books have meaning to me as a person, as a writer, and as both. I will list the book from left to right with APA citation and a short description of what is the book and why is it in my library.

At the end of "The Bookshelf" series, I'll create a list in case any of these books strike your fancy for practical writing tools or pure entertainment value.

De Mente, B. (1990). Japanese in plain english: The easiest way to learn the language. Chicago, Illinois: Passport Books.

This book is one I picked up because one of the struggles I have is language. Spanish was the language I learned because my brother needed to learn Spanish, and our homeschool teacher had a degree in Spanish besides her teaching degree. Since I picked up a love for manga and anime with a dream to one day visit Japan, I picked up the book to learn on teaching myself the language. It is also a member of my library that has not received its dutiful attention from me. As some of my stories involve Japanese elements, I imagine I'll put my book to work when I settle down and seriously commit to my writing.

Kaye, E. (2000). Adventures in japan: a literary journey in the footsteps of a victorian lady. Boulder, Colorado: Blue Panda Publications.

I picked up this book because I am fascinated by Japan. This book is an author who retraces the footsteps of a Victorian Lady, giving her thoughts on the journey as well as comparing and contrasting the journey. I loved the story even though it has been some time since I've read it. Who knows? Perhaps when I accomplish my dream to visit Japan, I may trace some of the steps that Kaye took and write my own thoughts. Most likely blogging it.

Watanabe, C. and Ogawa, M. (2010). Yum-Yum bento box: Fresh recipes for adorable lunches. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Quirk Books.

This book is one of the cute books I picked up because of all the colorful creations on the front. One of the main features in the Japanese culture is the wonderful meals they make. Among the ways they celebrate the art of cooking is with the anime, Food Wars. I have not seen the anime, but it may be something I tour down the line. I have yet to create the delicious treats, but they look awesome!

Manga University Culinary Institute. (2007). The manga cookbook. Japan: Japanime Co. Ltd.

Manga University Culinary Institute. (2017). The manga cookbook 2: More popular and delicious japanese dishes! Japan: Japanime Co. Ltd.

Manga University Culinary Institute. (2018). The manga cookbook 3: Japanese fusion food with character! Japan: Japanime Co. Ltd.

These three books are a combo of my love of anime/manga with cooking. I never considered myself a cook at home since my mom and my sister seem to command the kitchen with ease. Coming to college, I've found that I delight in the creating and eating of dishes. These cookbooks joined my collection as I have tried some of the recipes of the first book, but I have not attempted the other books. I can foresee a series on the blog recounting my ventures into the cooking world through my anime/manga inspirations.

This will be a wrap for Part 8 of the Bookshelf series. Part 9 will touch on the two small booklets and then the final book in my "Bookshelf" series.

Well, if you like what you've read, comment with what are three books from your library.

They can be books you consider your writer's bible(s), authors you look up to, or books you read for the full joy of reading.

If you do, tell me why. Let's geek out together.


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This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post for the day.

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