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Reflections for Myself: Why the name Waggish Writer?

"Why did you choose such a hard name to remember?"
This is the logo of Waggish Writer set center stage in a blog post about the birth of the name.
Waggish Writer takes the stage when its website creator, Erin Fedeson, reflects on her professional business name. Photo Credit: Erin Fedeson, Owner & Creator of Waggish Writer

Yep! That was one of the first questions my boyfriend (fiancé soon to be husband) asked me back when I started working on my website.

From his personal experience, he knew the importance of a name to be memorable and easy to find. He shared with me that his best friend asked, "what the name of Erin's website was again."

So, as I am in the process of redefining my brand for Waggish Writer, let us travel down memory lane.

Why the name “Waggish Writer?"

It was not my first choice. I initially wanted “Mischievous Muse” or “Whimsical Writer.” Other brilliant creators already claimed these wonderful ideas.

Being a writer, I decided to look up other words that would capture my playful, whimsical approach to writing. I stumbled upon the word, "Waggish." It is a synonym for “mischievous” and “playful.”

Since I am also a writer, I am a lover of the techniques writers use to create interest. I love the alliteration.

There are others who use "Waggish" as part of their name. Yes, I know that it is also similar to dogs, and I have even discovered sites that use Waggish as part of the name with dogs.

That's okay as I grew up with dogs. I like cats.

For me, Waggish Writer captures the fun and openness that I have to exploring what is out there in the field of writing and experiment to see what I write well and what writings are better in other hands.

It's entirely possible that as I change, my business may change. Until then, I'll be the owner and creator of Waggish Writer.

Until next time, have a wonderful life. <3

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