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Reflections for Myself: The Value of Vulnerability

Tis the week leading to the spooks, scaries, and all things that go bump in the night. All the costumes and candies prepare to prowl the night of Halloween.

Some love the scares. Others dread them. I'm in the camp of no scares and no horror movies.

Smoke wafts out a grinning pumpkin.
Vulnerability, like a carved pumpkin, can either scare or evoke a smile. Image Credit: Szabó János

But did you know that there is one scary I deal with? A scary unattached to a day? A 24/7 one?


It's uncomfortable. It's hard to look at. And it's degrading to acknowledge.

But what if you could transform your vulnerability to value?

It recently dawned on me on the power of vulnerability to how someone can harvest gold from admitting their fears and weaknesses.

A vulnerability I'll share of myself is one of my website's pain points: my About section. I am so eager to learn about others, but I stumble and trip over my own words and value I bring to others.

But I realized I couldn't be the only one who struggles with finding the right words to say about who I am, what I do, and what value I can give others. Therefore, I am going to focus on improving where I falter in order to help others unlock their potential in their about section.

That means I shall take myself through the process of revamping my 'About' section to serve as a model of how I will help others craft their 'About' section.

Of course, the first step is to establish what is there and see what it is missing. A special case is that my website has already undergone one transformation. Therefore, we'll see two transformations to see what hits the mark and what is flying off into the wild, completing missing the target.

So, I hope everyone who celebrates Halloween has a wonderful holiday. Those who don't, have a wonderful weekend with friendly spooks.

Have a wonderful life. <3

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