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Reflections for Myself on “Cocktails and Content Creation”: “What are You Drinking?”

I’ll be honest. Drinking cocktails is a foreign concept to me. My drinks of choice are often childish, non-alcoholic, but I have a few choice drinks. Just a baby palette in all honesty.

Yet I discovered a fun podcast that seamlessly mixes together cocktails with sound advice on content creation. The podcast, Cocktails and Content Creation, featured two content creators of different professional fields who partnered to talk about the vast field of content creation.

Jessie Wyman and Kate Andrews cheers with their cocktail of choice as they talk about content creation from their field of expertise as a brand photographer and a content writer.
Kate Andrews and Jessie Wyman share what they're drinking as well as their insights into the content creation process on their podcast, "Cocktails and Content Creation." Image credit: Kate Andrews

Kate Andrews hailed from the writing field while her partner-in-cocktails, Jessie Wyman, hailed from the photography field. I learned about this podcast because two of my writing role models, Danielle Hughes and Lauren Perna, had the incredible opportunity to guest on their podcast.

I binge their captivating conversations on my drive to and from my traditional 9 to 5, soaking in what I could from their insightful talks.

Yet like my experiences with Ilise Benun’s Marketing Mentor podcast, it’s hard to let all the insights sink in, getting the full bang for your listening buck.

Thus, I’m creating a “Reflections for Myself” Series to muse on what I learn from Cocktails and Content Creation.

Stay tune for more of my reflections on these two amazing ladies.

Until my next reflection appears, have a wonderful life. <3

P.S. Here’s one of my favorite drinks: Virgin Shirley Temple. I occasionally have the alcoholic version, but I find it’s a bit strong for me. But I enjoy its sweet cherry taste and the rare occasions I let myself have surgery pop.

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