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Answers for A Professional Writer: How Do I Discover My Natural Writing Voice?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Whenever you start writing, you wonder about how will your voice be different from other writers. What will make you stand out?

This question is always a tricky one, so it's fitting to find that a writer had the forethought to reach out to Writer's Digest's Senior Robert Lee Brewer who answered the question via this article, "How Do I Find My Voice in Writing?"

For me, I remember my first writing adventure being a rip-off of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. To be fair, I was 11 years old then as you can read about in my previous blog post.

But what struck me about Brewer's response is honesty with "who you are and how you would say something."

That's really hard for me. Because of having a language issue as a kid where I went to a speech therapist to help me, my default in writing and peaking had been speaking "properly." An old habit engrained in me from my language transgressions as a kid.

Check out Brewer's answer, word for word, for yourself and see how you can find your natural writing voice.

May you be enlightened in the way of writing.

Until next time, have a wonderful life. <3

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