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"An Eerie Peace Sits"

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Created March 22, 2020

An eerie peace sits

Upon the deserted streets

A self-quarantine

For the Earth to heal

From mankind's ruthless treatment

Of her existence.

Is this Mother Earth's

Punishment for our abuse

Of our resources?

She can only give

So much of her loving care

To us human beings.

She needs time to rest,

Time for self-care, time to sleep,

And time for nature.

I've forgotten how

The sun kisses our fragile skin

How the wind plays tunes

Through the blooming trees

As springtime continues on

Shedding winter grab.

In this eerie peace,

I'll break from uncertainty

To smell the roses.


Author's note: This poem is a haiku, a Japanese style of poetry that is heavily influenced by nature and traditionally used to make a comment on the greater scheme of life.


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