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"Always in Your Pocket"

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Created May 5, 2020

Family is a two-sided coin.

You can’t have the best without the worst.

You can’t hear laughter without the screams.

You can’t celebrate without mourning.

You can’t gain without something going.

You can’t love without moments of hate.

You can’t forgive without some hurting.

You can’t hug without some pushing back.

It’s a coin that’s always in your pocket.


Author's Note: This poem is a free verse where the rules of poetry are what the poet makes it. The rule I placed upon this poem is that they needed to have the same number of syllabus. In this poem the syllabus for each line is 9. Ironically, 9 is the number of companions in the Fellowship of the Ring and my lucky number.


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