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A Matter of Mantra: "Vulnerability is a Measure of Courage"

Hello and thank you for visiting Waggish Writer.

This is the ninth blog post from a series of my journalist persona known as "A Matter of Mantra."

This post will talk about how the mantra listed in the title came into my life and how it helps me. My hope is that if this mantra resonates with you that you may use it to help live your life to the fullest.


From my perspective on life, there seems to be a high expectation that individuals need to be strong. This strength needs to be exhibited physically, mentally, and emotionally. Since I was a child, I had felt that I had to conceal any weaknesses to make sure people do not worry about me. I wanted to be seen as someone they could depend on when they need it. Part of it comes from my nurturing nature, my need to take care of others. I feared letting others know of my insecurities and weaknesses.

This mindset was challenged by my sessions with Charlotte Kaye, my life coach (I still consider her my life coach even after our sessions ended). This time, she challenged me to watch Brené Brown who spoke about vulnerability on a TED talk.

Listening to her presentation really resonated with me because what she talked about echoed how I feel. The phrase that stuck with me was "Vulnerability is a Measure of Courage." This resonance is how the mantra "Vulnerability is a Measure of Courage" came into my life.


To say that I am completely fixed would be a lie. To say that I am a work in progress getting better by sharing my vulnerabilities with those I trust the most and have faith they will listen rings true. Writing this series of blogs about my mantra journey is a reflection of myself, a glance back into the past of how I was and how I want to look into the future from my present state of self. I place faith that being vulnerable will open doors that I did not know exist, creating new pathways that I can be a better version of me. It is a goal I strive for each day of my life.

No one works the same way, so I am not preaching this mantra to be a fool-proof method. It is a tool and option that is out there for those who struggle.

As a writer, I take time each time I journal to write "Vulnerability is a Measure of Courage" five times. Write it. Talk it. Draw it. Tackle this mantra any way that gets the message across for yourself.

If the mantra has helped in any way or the story resonates and you feel comfortable in sharing, make a comment below or feel free to Contact Me if you want it private.

Society, in my opinion, highlights strength and independence. Showing times of weakness or dependence on another makes society look down at us for exposing vulnerability. What society forgets is how hard it is to let people inside to show one's vulnerability. Revealing our vulnerability takes true courage. Let's rustle up some courage, find a safe space, and share our vulnerabilities together.


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more in "A Matter of Mantra" series!

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