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Weighing a Writer's Worth

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Hello and thank you for visiting Waggish Writer.

Many creative individuals like writers such as myself tend to be loners. There are the individuals who are outgoing and gregarious in the social sphere of life.

For those who are more introvert or a hermit in their labors of love tend to despair over whether or not their words have worth. Or if they have worth. I had forgotten my worth until this past week when I released the update of Pride's Moon Bride as part of my vow to update my content for Waggish Writer.

I received a message from a guest reviewer on that the content for the new chapter was not appearing. When I went into my account, I discovered a direct message from another member of the FanFiction community. They had reached out because of the content issue. But they gave me something more priceless.

In their message, they told me that my story had been one of the first ones they read on FanFiction, being excited I updated the story. I found that this reader had commented on my story nearly 4 years ago when I was still actively working on it. They had reached out to me after all these time because they care about the story and wanted to see where it was going next.

My worth is not something that can be tangibly weighed. In releasing my content, I build upon my worth by giving to the universe that has blessed me in many ways. Then, the moment a creator connects to a reader is a priceless bonus. Weighing a writer's worth is the joy a writer feels in bringing life to characters and venturing into creative worlds. A writer's worth increases tenfold when they learn how they touch a reader's life, brightening their day with their creativity.

To the writers and other creators, do not forget your worth. The worth is in the creating. The worth is in knowing that in somehow and someway, your work affects another person's life. Keeping creating for yourself and for them.


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This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more!

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