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Waggish Writer Week 7 Updates, Bloopers, and Schemes

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit Waggish Writer.

The following below are my updates, bloopers, and schemes for the website's future.


  • I will be showcasing my different personas once a week via Facebook to advertise my work's existence. My hope is that it will gather a wider audience. The schedule will be:

    • Monday: My general website announcements: "Updates, Bloopers, and Schemes" and "Reflections"

    • Tuesday: Author persona showcase

    • Wednesday: Poet persona showcase

    • Thursday: Journalist persona showcase

    • Friday: FanFiction Writer persona showcase

  • The goal of having my different personas advertise is my website has a wide range of content. Material maybe hidden from visitors' eyes. I wish to reveal the secrets concealed within the website to inspire, move, and motivate visitors to follow me down the pathways of my imagination.


  • This week is the first time that I was not able to sit still to work on either of my stories. I do not know if I should consider a blooper or if my brain is taking a break, so it can charge into the adventures of Setsuke and Akabana in "Samurai Sisters" or explore the mysterious of the story to come forward in "Divine Devices." Check out the stories so far on my Author persona page.


Writers are the greatest schemers, plotting the course of their adventures to guide their characters and readers, whether they realize the writer's guiding hand or not. I am sharing some of my schemes to give you content to look forward to in the upcoming days/weeks/months/years.

  • Schemes for Author:

    • This week, I was not able to sit down to work on either of my projects of "Divine Devices" or "Samurai Sisters." My brain decided to run off on brainstorming another project that I envisioned from my protagonist's first moment to the final chapter one night when I could not sleep. It was both a spooky but amazing experience (check out my Week 7 Reflections blog post). This project that my brain decided to pursue I have tentatively titled "Misventures." I suppose part of the inspiration/problem is listening to "Critical Roll: The Mighty Nein." It is an amazing DND group who have the bonus of being voice actors.

    • I have decided that I will hold off releasing Part 2 of "A Story Years in the Making" that would have introduced my next series, "Elemental Equinox." I will also hold off releasing 'Legacy of Layla." My priority will be to complete the "Divine Devices" series and "Samurai Sisters." When I have one story finished, I shall then turn to the subscribers and visitors to see which story they want next.

  • Schemes for Poet:

    • I will post when the mood strikes me with poetry being more spontaneous than my other types of writing and the quickest to share. I may tidy them up a little because I am a bit of a perfectionist, which is why I am slow in sharing my writing.

  • Schemes for Screenwriter:

    • I await your comments to let me know if you want more of either a completed Fire Soul draft or Episode 2 for Hellnest Manor. If there is enough interest, I will either work on getting Season 2 for Hellnest Manor ready to show or present Episode 1 of other anime season scripts I have on the back burner.

  • Schemes for Journalist:

    • As I have put out first posts for "Waggish Writer Geeks Out," "A Matter of Mantra," and "Waggish Writer Writes," I will be on the look out for cool content for my three variations of my journalist persona. As I plan to share a post once a week, I will trade on and off with "Waggish Writer Geeks Out" and "A Matter of Mantra." This week, I have released into the universe my thoughts and reactions to the first episode of "The Fandom Effect," a podcast series.

    • Put ideas in the comment section with "Journalist" as part of it so I can be on the look out for your ideas!

  • FanFiction Writer

    • For this week, inspiration moved me to update X-Wielder: Nobody Chasing with Chapter 5.

    • With the release of three FanFiction series at different stages, I will be trading on and off of which chapters to publish. At least once a week, I will update one story with one chapter.

    • You can affect the stories' progress by commenting in the comments which one you would like to see next. Otherwise, the stories will flow naturally.


Thank you for taking time to visit Waggish Writer. If you wish to show your appreciation, you are welcome to...

This is Waggish Writer signing off of this post. Stay tune for more updates, bloopers, and schemes next week!

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