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Creativity in Professional Writing is Frosting a Cupcake: Waggish Writer Glimpse, September 2021

Creativity has been described in many ways.

As a writer who enjoys baking, it's inevitable that I compare writing to the kitchen arts.

So, why is creativity in professional writing similar to frosting a cupcake?

Delicious chocolate cupcakes sprinkled with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips serve as an analogy of a writer's balancing act of creativity & substance.
The writer is a baker who balances their creativity with the main message. Photo credit: Mike Meeks via Unsplash

Creativity is the frosting. It holds decorations and comes in different hues and flavors. All the possibilities exist with the writer/baker in command of the final presentation.

The cupcake is the main message, the substance that the frosting is enticing hungry customers to devour. You have flavor options, but you prepare the cupcake following the recipe. It's the same way with writing for the public eye, whether it is a book or a blog for a company's website.

It is the job of the writer, the baker, who carefully pipes the frosting onto the cupcake and adds the decorations on top.

Not enough frosting and decorations, it's just all cake without sweetness and appeal.

Too much frosting and decorations, it's too much fluff and eye candy with not enough substance.

Spreading just the right amount of creativity in professional writing is an artistic experiment.

Writers who've stepped into the copywriting world from a creative background (like me) face a constant challenge to balance their creative tendencies with the main message they want to deliver to the audience.

Should you panic? Should you second guess yourself when you go to add your creative flair to the project for your client?

As I've learned from my teacher, Ilise Benun, the creator of Marketing Mentor, your business as a writer is truly an experiment. Either you succeed and you repeat the same success or you fail and you learn what not to repeat. And you keep experimenting until you find something that works for you.

How am I doing so far? I'm having fun experimenting in both my kitchen and in my business.

Let me switch into talking about what news I have to share this month about Waggish Writer before I cave into the urge to make cupcakes!

Waggish Writer Hits the Air Waves Again!

I had the pleasure to once again appear as a guest speaker on Jason Cottom's podcast, The Bipolar DM. We were live on September 4, 2021, 7 pm Eastern Time Zone.

Our conversation covered my experiences growing up with D&D (Dungeons & Dragons for those not familiar with the game), solo adventuring, musings of where the tabletop gaming industry will go, and more.

If you want to check out The Bipolar DM's earlier episodes, you can find him on:

  • His website,

  • YouTube by looking up The Bipoloar DM beneath Jason C.

  • Twitch at

  • Facebook at the handle @bipolardm

If you enjoyed our conversation, catch him on Saturdays 7pm Eastern Time Zone where he interviews other guests.

For those craving adventures, Jason runs a D&D game on Sunday 3pm Eastern Time Zone where he leads guest players and a fellowship of fellow show hosts. (P.S. I might be a future guest player.)

Hey...what happened with being a guest on Kaye's podcast?

Something I mentioned in a previous glimpse is I was going to appear on a podcast with Charlotte Kaye. She reached out to me to share that she is taking a break from interviewing guests. Interviewing guests will return when the flow feels right, and she has confirmed her interest in me appearing at a future date.

I think it is a really good opportunity for me to further develop Waggish Writer and be able to share how far I've come with my rebranding and check in to see how her own rebranding is going.

Gonna Need Some Touchups

After some 'awwing' and 'wowing,' I took some time to visit my website as an outsider.

The website's overall look is amazing. But even a good baker knows that no frosting can hide imperfections in the cupcake itself. Basically, I have to touchup some sections of my website.

One of my challenges is to better tie my creative branch of Waggish Writer, Daring Dice Dames, to the main site. While I love my floating ale mug dearly, something I discovered is that floating images have to be tasteful and not inhibit the reading experience.

But this is proof that my business is an experiment. Each time I have a success or fail, I learn. Apply the successes. Don't repeat the failures. Keep on experimenting.

Overall, I'm very pleased with Waggish Writer's development, and how my life is shaping into unexpected turn of events. I hope I maybe able to share these turns next month.

Here are ways you can help me with Waggish Writer's new direction:

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  • "Love" it if you feel this new post style is great!

  • "Share" on social media to spread the word!

  • "Comment" with questions or give feedback below!

Thank you!


Erin Fedeson

Owner & Creator of Waggish Writer

*(Till Next Tuesday)

(P.S. It's still September despite it not being Tuesday when I'm posting. So...I'm not late yet!)

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